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Are Your Employees a 3 or a 5 ? | Extraordinary Business


If you had to individually rate the performance of your staff on the following 1 – 5 scale, where would they fall?

1 = Extremely Poor Performance – Termination Probable

2 = Minimum Performance – Executes the basics of what’s required and nothing more

3 = Satisfactory Performance – Fulfills job requirements with a decent attitude

4 = Great Performance – Shows Initiative and helps out where needed

5 = Excellent Performance – Consistently goes above and beyond what’s required

I’ll bet most of your employees fall in the 3 range, and only a minor percentage of your staff fall in the 4 or 5 category.   Am I right?

What would it be like if MOST of your staff were at a performance level of 4 and 5?  How would your business function then?  How would your customers benefit?   How would your checkbook benefit?

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To Staff….or Not To Staff | Extraordinary Business


You are a business owner – an entrepreneur. Your company has been around for a number of years, have had decent, steady clients and the Company seems to be growing at a predictable rate. Nice position – but what is next. You are working around the clock to meet customer or client expectations along with running the business.

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Importance of Thought Leadership for Corporate Growth | Extraordinary Business

thought leadership

There are numerous ways to enable business growth. Still, most companies focus solely on conventional ways such as sales, new markets, mergers & acquisitions etc. Few (and very successful) companies seem to value the power of knowledge sharing. Business leaders are constantly challenged by change management. Since no one has answers to all of the numerous questions created by the 21st century’s global market, we are presented with a unique opportunity to enable growth by harnessing the power of thought leadership.

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Maintaining An Environment of Continuous Innovation | Extraordinary Business

continuous innovation

Continuous innovation and staying fresh in approach to work is a great way of thinking…sounds like an entrepreneur. Someone who has grown their business and is on the verge of getting bored with it? Have ideas, but are stuck with the daily grind?  Or maybe, you are a solopreneur who recognizes that they have to remain unique in the marketplace and continue to provide fresh ideas to clients.

Regardless of the source, there are potentially two different lines of thinking here:

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