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Business Development in 2017 – What You Are Missing | Extraordinary Business

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Small and medium-sized businesses are often tempted into thinking that they don’t need to market their products or services. This complacency usually arises when the business has a loyal set of customers and growing revenues and profits. The company owner thinks that when the firm already has more customers than it can handle, it would be a waste to spend on business development.

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Test, Evaluate, Adjust, Repeat | Extraordinary Business

carDimensions of product improvement and the product improvement cycle

While I am not a car person, per se, there are a few models that I tend to keep an eye on for what changes are made year after year, One year, there might be body styling changes, another, there might be a better engine, another year, they might have added airbags or something to that effect. The expectation has been that in a car’s first year or two in production, it still has “kinks” to get out of it before becoming what it could be.

The question begs to be asked, of course – why not keep the car the same once it has been produced? Why do engineers and other members of the product team need to continue to evaluate how the vehicle can be improved year after year?

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!! | Extraordinary Business

Playing cards

How having superior information impacts your business development activities

Imagine this: you know someone who cheats obsessively. No matter what they do, they find some way to cheat. And they win. It is infuriating because you put every effort into doing the right things the right way. The worst part of it is that they always seem to get away with it. They always seem to win.

I think that when I play Go Fish with my kids.  Either they are psychic or they have somehow figured out a fool-proof way to win.

Either way, I lose because they have more information about the game than I do. Not only do they know what is in their hand; they seem to know what is in mine. That information gives them a leg up every time.

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The Price/Value Matrix



Your customers purchase from you, or from anyone or any company for that matter, because they have a need or a want, that is a given. You will hear until the cows come home that you must sell your product or service to help your consumer overcome whatever their pain is. The greater the pain, the greater value they place on overcoming that pain. You can see that every time there is a gas shortage; the prices for gas go up.

When looking at our company, the problem people come to us with is how to overcome their obstacles to growth, whether that is through sales, marketing, changing their business model or creating an expansion plan. The pain they have is the obstacle. However, notice there is another dimension – they want to get to a better place. So it isn’t a single message or single desire that they would have with us. Either approach has been appropriate to win new business.

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