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3 Areas To Address: Turn Those You Know Into Paying Customers | Guest Post


The revenue you seek is under your nose.

Right there on your computer, in a stack on your desk and right there. Look, now!

Oftentimes, from a sales and marketing perspective focus is put on raising awareness to people and businesses that you do not know yet.

This is not wrong. You need to keep on ‘filling the funnel’, right?

However, more often than not, businesses have assets in the form of contact information right in front of them. Piles of business cards, excel lists, CRM databases, address books and just about any other place where a name and contact details can be written.

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What about Me??? | Extraordinary Business

How to reach your target audiences effectively in order to create interest in what you are selling

imageMy phone was recently stolen while out and about with my family. While a bit disappointed (perhaps distraught and considering filing a missing person’s report), I decided to look at purchasing a new phone. While I am typically not the type of person who jumps on the latest tech innovation for the sake of if, and I am not necessarily a trend follower, I do look for things with the mindset of making the best investment possible. So the $10 upgrade plan at T-Mobile was probably not going to cut it.  At the same time, the latest, greatest Galaxy s$ and the iPhone 5 weren’t going to cut it…not interested in paying for bells and whistles.

So where does that leave me? Who in the marketplace is actually speaking to me?  Which phone will fit my needs, presently and into the near future.  Certainly BlackBerry seems like the standard industry standby, plus their new phones look pretty sleek and features seem to work…but I am not feeling as confident in that brand.  Nokia…interesting phone, but both Nokia and Windows have also had a history of issues.  Back to the iPhone…not interested in learning a new operating system – plus I have Android apps I have invested in.  HTC – love their stuff (my old phone was the HTC One S – fantastic phone!), but it is missing a few hardware features and doesn’t support the level of customization I am looking for…

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Change Happens | Extraordinary Business

What just happened?Spotting marketplace trends that will impact your business in order to develop products and services to address those trends

When the weather is bad, have you ever seen the drivers that continue to drive as though they are riding on dry pavement, thoroughly convinced that nothing will happen to them?  Driving through Atlanta on morning as such I saw a car coming up behind me very quickly.  In front of me, there were a number of cars spread across the lanes, leaving one lane open.  I thought to myself “this guy is crazy,” as the car went flying past me.  Unfortunately, the driver had to swerve around a slower moving vehicle, went into a tail spin and ended up crashing into a concrete barrier that divided the highway.  Fortunately, the driver wasn’t going so fast as to actually get hurt, but she (as I later learned) ended up being extremely late for wherever she was going.  Plus her vehicle was damaged.

Do you run your company like this?  Do you continue to operate the same way, day in and day out, regardless of what is going on in the marketplace? Do you find that you are so busy “doing” that you sometimes miss the queues that might suggest to you that you need to make some change or changes in your business? Do you find that fewer people are paying attention to you or purchasing your products and services without any indication of why? Do you find that you are reactive to things that happen in and around your business?

Has it cost you?

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Can Anyone Hear Me? | Extraordinary Business

Communicating with Your Audience

communicationHow many emails, newsletters, phone calls, etc. end up in your inbox that you never have any intention of reading? Not even including the newsletters that you have signed up for, emails from people in your network, etc.?  How much does your company contribute to the noise?  How much unproductive time and energy are you spending trying to sort through all of the mess in order to be as effective as possible in running your company?

More than likely, your situation is not unique. As business leaders, we need to be committed to measuring how successful our communications are – because that is how people become aware of us in the marketplace – and what that return on investment is.  If we are making investments and not receiving a return on it, we are simply wasting resources that could be committed to something else.

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