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Managing Business Development | Extraordinary Business

Capitalizing on managing your company’s business development activities

Go get that businessGrowing any business requires an effective business development strategy.  Your company will leverage this strategy to meet its financial and growth goals.  While it seems that businesses should grow simply by hard work, predictable and sustainable growth requires a business development strategy to reach specific strategic goals.

If you aren’t using everything in your arsenal to help your market understand why you are uniquely able to help them accomplish their goals, you haven’t done your job.  Trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole will leave you questioning  why you aren’t getting the business that you feel you deserve, or working harder than you need to in order to get it.

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Efficient Marketing Practices | Extraordinary Business

Identifying, Attracting and Keeping Your Best Clients

Connect to your Customers

Have you ever considered efficiency in customer and client acquisition?  This might look like: your company closes one out of every 10 prospects, or out of every 20 calls, the company gets a meeting.  What about your actual marketing?  Are you marketing to everyone, or have you narrowed or segmented your marketing activities?

Many companies and non profit organizations find that they get the bulk of their revenue only 20% of their clients.  This means that if you have 200 clients, most of revenue is coming from only 40 of them.  If you have 5 clients, most of your revenue is coming from 1.  If you have 500 donors, dollars over dimes that you are getting a bulk of your donations and contributions from 100 of your donors. In any case, determining who that ideal client is, attracting them and keeping them is what business leaders need to focus on in their business development activities.

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Heads up! | Extraordinary Business

How to get visible and get ahead in the marketplace

imageMany times when we think about Google, Microsoft, Intel, Wal-Mart, Apple and many other companies, we think about them as simply huge businesses and global brands.  Have you ever stopped to think about where they came from, and how they got there?

Granted, each business has its own, unique, story.  However, the common thread is that they started out as very small companies and worked their butts off to build something that changed the way the marketplace works. They didn’t start with tons of money, but were focused to build a product or prototype and take steps to continue to develop and grow their offerings and their business.

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Upgrades! If You Buy it…Will They Use it? | Extraordinary Business

Challenges with getting your team to adopt your new software solutions

Change Management in ITAfter investing the lion’s share of cash and time to source, customize and implement the latest, greatest be-all-to-end-all solution for your company, you find that your people still aren’t using it, or at least, aren’t using it to a level where you can see a return on your investment.  You don’t get it.  You stand there, scratching your head, not knowing whether to scream, have one-on-one counseling, provide additional training, or just let it go.

Having done a number of CRM and Business Management installations, this is a challenge that many business leaders face when doing a software implementation.  Sure – it is a good idea.  If used, the solution will probably enable you to run your business more efficiently, give you some idea of predicting leads, project expenses, managing productivity and other business critical analytics.  Unfortunately, this struggle is a typical change management issue, wherein different groups of people will approach change in different ways.

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