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How Multi-Location Business Owners Can Overcome Challenges | Extraordinary Business

Multi-location business owner holding Open sign

Having your own shop has its difficulties. Having two creates challenges. The expansion from one location to two sets a foundation for the growth of your business for years to come. There are certain trials that a multi-location business owner needs to overcome in order to have the company as a whole thrive in its industry.

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New Steps for New Year: Prioritizing Steps for Growth in 2016 | Extraordinary Business

2016 Calendar Target Showing Year Planner And Schedule

Over the past few years, you have committed a great deal of time and money to developing your small business. By reinvesting your business’s profits back into the company and keeping a close eye on the often unstable US economy, you have made strides in creating a profitable enterprise.

However, as a seasoned entrepreneur you are also aware that the only way to persevere is to continue to grow. The question is not whether you will grow; it is how to grow without overextending your investments or making other costly mistakes. Having a clear understanding of the landscape in which you intend to increase your business will clear the path for successful growth in 2016.

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Climbing Your Own Corporate Ladder | Extraordinary Business

3d Businessman climbing onto a piggy bankHow to Take Your Service-based Business to the Next Level

A few years ago, you decided to start your own service-based business, providing your company’s specialty to individuals and businesses. You followed the advice of respected entrepreneurship experts by starting slowly and capitalizing on a recognized niche. For example, your custodial service focused solely on servicing offices located within a concentrated area, or your accounting practice specializes in serving those medical and dental practices under new ownership.

In past few years, you have seen significant growth, but have recently noticed that revenue has begun to plateau, causing some concern. As a smart businessperson, you know that in order to survive, a company must grow.

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Missed Opportunities | Extraordinary Business

A business assessment is the basis for short-term change and strategic growthYoung stylish businessman

As a small business owner, you probably have about a million million-dollar ideas floating around in your head. Problem is that while there is no lack of ideas, determining where to invest your time and resources may be an issue. Oftentimes, it is a challenge of opportunity cost: if you invest in one area, you cannot invest somewhere else.

May investors have horror stories about missing opportunities that turned into great opportunities. This article talks about 11 investors who turned down opportunities that would have netted them HUGE returns.

If we only had a crystal ball!!

While these may not be the types of opportunities you would take advantage of, there may be every day opportunities that you and your company are missed out on, sometimes, simply as a result of not knowing. Many business owners get so wrapped up in fighting the daily fires of running the business that sometimes even the basic things get missed.

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