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Gain the Loyalty of Your Customers | Extraordinary Business

How to earn customer loyalty?

Happy Customer

They do not say without a reason that the customer is always right. No one beside them can know exactly what they have in mind and how they want their products or services to look or be like. However, what they do need help with is the following: they need to feel that they can put their trust in you and come back for more.

Sure, it is easy to find a new customer – you can find them by offering discounts and better one-time offers, but what is difficult is to retain them, and want them to need your service once more. Customer loyalty is not an unattainable level in a customer-seller relationship, and here is how you can gain it.

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With Which you Have Naught | Extraordinary Business

Defining and employing the right tactics to reach your audienceStress. Woman stressed

Have you ever noticed that the way you speak to your parent probably isn’t the way you would speak to your kids or friends? No brainer, right? Mom might be more of a Facebook or text messaging person, where you might use SnapChat or something to that effect with your friends.

So what about your markets? What will offend them? What will get their attention? What will cause them to act?

Just like with your personal relationships, there is no single way to communicate with everyone in every circle. Truth is, there is no communication pattern that you can use even with a seemingly single group of people. As you know, there are many things that will impact the way that information is received – stressors and situations can be game changers.

So wherein is your responsibility?

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Test, Evaluate, Adjust, Repeat | Extraordinary Business

carDimensions of product improvement and the product improvement cycle

While I am not a car person, per se, there are a few models that I tend to keep an eye on for what changes are made year after year, One year, there might be body styling changes, another, there might be a better engine, another year, they might have added airbags or something to that effect. The expectation has been that in a car’s first year or two in production, it still has “kinks” to get out of it before becoming what it could be.

The question begs to be asked, of course – why not keep the car the same once it has been produced? Why do engineers and other members of the product team need to continue to evaluate how the vehicle can be improved year after year?

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The Right Message The Right Way | Extraordinary Business

Message in a bottle

Tapping into more effective marketing by understanding how your audiences consume information

Have you ever been out to dinner and seen the member of the wait staff that simply seems to be in the wrong business? How about going to a auto repair shop and seeing all of the mechanics standing around smoking and broken cars in the parking lot? What about going to the grocery store and seeing insects crawling or flying?

All of these thoughts play into your head about whether or not you want to do business with these companies. Essentially, you are consuming information about these companies in order to make your buying decision.

In the same way, you target audiences will consume information about your company. Therefore, when you are doing your business development activities, you will want to take into consideration what your message is, how you will deliver it and how often it is delivered.

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