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Are Your Employees a 3 or a 5 ? | Extraordinary Business


If you had to individually rate the performance of your staff on the following 1 – 5 scale, where would they fall?

1 = Extremely Poor Performance – Termination Probable

2 = Minimum Performance – Executes the basics of what’s required and nothing more

3 = Satisfactory Performance – Fulfills job requirements with a decent attitude

4 = Great Performance – Shows Initiative and helps out where needed

5 = Excellent Performance – Consistently goes above and beyond what’s required

I’ll bet most of your employees fall in the 3 range, and only a minor percentage of your staff fall in the 4 or 5 category.   Am I right?

What would it be like if MOST of your staff were at a performance level of 4 and 5?  How would your business function then?  How would your customers benefit?   How would your checkbook benefit?

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To Staff….or Not To Staff | Extraordinary Business


You are a business owner – an entrepreneur. Your company has been around for a number of years, have had decent, steady clients and the Company seems to be growing at a predictable rate. Nice position – but what is next. You are working around the clock to meet customer or client expectations along with running the business.

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Making a Case for ‘Insourcing’ Jobs | Extraordinary Business


There has been plenty of conversation lately around outsourcing jobs, with the topic being a primary talking point during the recent presidential election. Moving jobs overseas has much-discussed benefits, not the least of which include lower costs. However, in our new geopolitical climate, research shows that there are plenty of reasons — profitability being a key motivator — for insourcing – to return these jobs to the domestic workforce.

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Why Your Best Employees Leave | Extraordinary Business


Small business owners often struggle to retain their most competent workers. Why do good employees leave? It is true that some employees quit for better-paying jobs or to join a company that offers them the opportunity to utilize their specialized skills. But there are many who leave simply because they are not happy in their current job.

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