4 Marketing Trends For 2013 | Guest Editorial

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Thinking of ways to get more exposure in the marketplace? Below, you will find some trends you might consider in order to do so.

Web DesignAs technology and the Internet continue to evolve in what seems to be an endless progression, businesses that wish to remain competitive in the marketplace are constantly forced to re-evaluate and adapt to new methods and trends. Many of these adaptations are aimed inwardly at improving the efficiency and functionality of a business online. This might mean anything from issuing mobile devices to employees, to transferring entire departments to primarily online activity, to taking advantage of secure file transfer powered by Share File. However, it is also important for businesses to adapt in a more outward sense, and specifically with an eye toward sales and marketing. Technological advancements lead to new demands and priorities in marketing, and it is important to meet these demands as efficiently as possible. With that in mind, her e are 4 noteworthy marketing trends we can expect to see in 2013.

Second Screen Advertising

The term “second screen” refers to people’s mobile devices, and now that such devices are so astoundingly prevalent, they simply can’t be ignored from a marketing standpoint. Of course, the Internet access on mobile devices allows consumers to visit company websites with ease – but, not all websites or website functions are naturally mobile-friendly. Whether it means re-designing aspects of your website to meet this need, or creating an electronic app for easy mobile use, it is now absolutely essential to appeal to consumers’ mobile habits and preferences.

Focus On Existing Customers

Bringing in new consumers and customers is always important – but these days, one of the most effective ways to do so might be to focus on customers you already have. Online forums, blogs, review sites, and even comment sections allow the people who use your products or services to share opinions that will almost certainly be viewed by potential new customers. This means that re-structuring your marketing and customer service practices to inspire increased customer loyalty and satisfaction is ultimately a means of securing strong (and free) reviews that can certainly bring in more business.

Design & Inbound Marketing

Design and Inbound Marketing are essentially the practices of bringing consumers to your website through your own appearance and availability, rather than through ordinary advertising means. Web design has never been more widely practiced or perfected, and that means that websites are looking better and better, and performing functions extremely efficiently. Improving your online image, functionality, and availability to keep up with this trend is paramount to attracting consumers in today’s online business world.

4 Marketing Trends For 2013 | Guest Editorial | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 1

Significance Of Social Networks

Facebook is a great example of an incredibly rich social networking forum for advertisement and brand exposure. Just go to a few company or product pages on Facebook (or another site, such as Pinterest), and you will find legions of fans and consumers promoting products, keeping up with company news, etc. Missing out on this sort of brand exposure is extremely careless in today’s marketing climate, and this will only become truer in 2013.

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