7 Tips for Better Employee Development Throughout the Year

7 Tips for Better Employee Development Throughout the Year

It takes considerable resources, time and a lot of effort to shortlist and hire a talented pool of employees. But hiring the right people is just the start. The best companies continually develop their staff. Talented and skilled employees will tend to depart when they start feeling undervalued, unappreciated or if their role does not have the professional satisfaction they sought when they came on board.

Replacing great employees can take a toll on your financials and can even cost more than retaining them. Motivated and happy employees will undoubtedly do their best and give their 100% to the company. Let us take a look at seven of the best strategies you can implement for better employee development all year round.

1) Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Recognizing your employees for the hard work they have put in goes a long way. Only highlighting shortfalls in their work can set a negative precedent. Paying attention to their effort, output and growth will make it simple for you to appreciate their work.

As per John Rampton, founder of @Calendar, a lot of employees are so tangled in their own work or bad at maintaining their work-life balance that they don’t have time to praise one another for the good work they do. That is where you come in. Being their manager or the CEO of the company, your “nice work” or “keep up the good work” can truly keep the motivation levels pumping for some employees.

2) Swap Departments

According to President of WebFx, William Craig, constantly challenging your employees and motivating them to switch departments will help them realize the bigger picture. Most will happily take the opportunity to developing new skills, absorb new experiences and become more productive than ever before. They will look forward to constantly gaining knowledge and information about how the inner sanctum of every department works.

3) Your Review Process Must Be Efficient and Automated

review process

Automate different facets of the performance review process in order to get more time to evaluate factors that are more meaningful for your employees. There are a couple of ways you can do that: 1) You can hold video conferences or 2) You can integrate applications that will help your team to track and manage their progress. Always motivate your team to use success binders, notebooks and journals where they can mark their wins and outline just how diligently they circumvented challenges and overcame the odds.

4) Organize Stay Interviews

In stay interviews, you talk to your employees about all the reasons why they wish to remain at your company. It is a good platform to understand the strengths and areas they consider important at the workplace. It will also help you identify areas where you can expand employee development and design benefits packages for future hires.

5) Be Directly Involved in Everything – But Refrain from Interfering

Remember, as the team lead, manager or the boss, your employee will always look up to you as a role model. According to Jason DeMers, founder of AudienceBloom, you have to constantly stay involved in what is going on in every department.

You have to selflessly help your team, interns or associates with their tasks, showing them the ropes, proving that you will stick with them through thick and thin. However, you have to be cautious not to be over-involved or micromanage everything. Refrain from abruptly interfering with the decisions made by your employees as that can lower morale. Instead, discuss things positively and listen to your team.

6) Never Delay Offering Feedback

Continuously supervising employee performance is necessary in order to provide opportunities for further employee development and incremental improvement. However, what is even more vital is that you give frequent feedback. This practice is highly appreciated by employees, but with a caveat. If there are certain stressors or anxieties within the work culture or environment, it will not work.

Do not confuse performance reviews and feedback with team evaluations. Feedback is always for offering better developmental opportunities. Most employees may fear yearly reviews but will look forward to discussions that encourage development incentives.

7) Cultivate New Skills

Most employers emphasize more on employee competences rather than furthering new areas. Some of the primary reasons that employees remain dissatisfied with a company include no incentive for professional development or training for new skills.

Expecting your employees to remain productive and juggle their own development is counterproductive. Plus, it is also a risky proposition for the employee who is looking for his next raise or interested in climbing the corporate ladder. He could either do that by being productive in his role or developing himself; doing both can be a problem.

Human resource is the most valuable resource. The most successful companies understand this and make continual employee development a priority. Keeping the above tips in mind will serve you well regardless of your industry and company size.

Fatima Mansoor is a writer at Aepiphanni, a Business Consultancy that provides Management Consulting, Managed, and Implementation Services to business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to improve or expand operations. She specializes in business & entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and health & fitness. Her focus is on creating compelling web content for small and medium businesses form diverse industries. She mostly writes for entrepreneurs and marketing agencies across the US, Australia and UK.

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