An Overview of Top 3 BPM Software Products

An Overview of Top 3 BPM Software Products

Business Process Management Series Part 1: An Overview of Top 3 BPM Software Products

Business process management (BPM) software comprises of a systematic, transparent and innovative implementation designed to streamline an organization’s overall workflow operations and processes. According to Worktech writer Elizabeth Quirk, BPM software help businesses achieve their short and long-term objectives by eliminating discrepancies and allowing for fluid procedural transitions. With the launch of several SaaS business process management systems, it has become ridiculously easy for both small and big businesses to enhance their workflow. This post is the first in a 3-part series on business process management software.

A wide variety of BPM software applications are available. As per Dr. Janne Ohtonen, many of these can be easily implemented and integrated for several business fields. They can include time tracking, human resource management, revenue collection, billing, CRM, inventory, project management, etc.

It is vital to select a BPM which is in line with your business’ structure and framework. In light of this, mentioned below is an overview of the three top BPM software products you should consider.

  1. Nintex

Nintex is a BPM software that can be applied to both big and small business operations. However, since Nintex’s pricing is largely based on quote, its functionalities are more suited for bigger enterprises.

The primary emphasis of the software is streamlining a company’s team collaboration and also automating the operation. However, there are several powerful features such as documentation management, service management of IT systems, and business insights, etc. that will also prove highly fruitful.

The main advantage of Nintex is to help breakdown your workflow into several steps, without minimizing your choices. What that does is provide you with an increased agility and flexibility to streamline your workflow processes in a variety of different situations, taking into account different aspects of those scenarios. It will help build a robust and efficient network of your team members to eliminate any gaps in communication across the entire company.

Moreover, the learning curve of the software is also versatile as it features a point-and-click system, making it easy for both old-school employees as well as millennials to operate the interface.

  1. Kissflow

Kissflow is an effective, innovative and highly user-friendly workflow software that features streamlined automation specifically designed for small, yet tight operations and processes.

The company claims that more than ten thousand businesses use Kissflow; however, these are more than likely small to medium-sized organizations. Kissflow is ideal for companies that want to quickly yet effectively generate automated applications but lack the technical expertise to do so. It’s a great solution for owners who are not that technical nor have any programming skills.

To build and implement automation, Kissflow has five steps:

  1. Selecting a process
  2. Generating the form of the process
  3. Design and build the total workflow
  4. Set permissions
  5. Go live

Kissflow has user-friendly features and tools that help you build powerful automated apps in line with your workflow scenario. Moreover, if you have a technical team, they will be able to generate the app faster, without relying on the IT department.

The BPM software will also provide a systematic application wizard. Even if you are not building the app from square one, you can also select the option to integrate Kissflow’s pre-built apps and will also have the option to edit those apps. Kissflow offers a total of 50 apps for different business fields such as billing, inventory, HR, supply and finance.

  1. Laserfiche

Laserfiche easily makes it to the top three list here, despite the software being limited to content management. If you are a digital marketing company or if your workflow processes largely consist of handling and managing content as well as documentation, this BPM is an ideal fit.

One of the best features of Laserfiche is the fact that it easily captures and integrates several features that focus on securing a business’ documents, irrespective of whether the documents are for individual use, for record keeping or for company collaboration. Laserfiche will help you monitor and route all your digital documentation with considerable simplicity and a minimal learning curve, virtually eliminating the risk associated with losing important company data and records.

Moreover, this BPM allows for easy document retrieval and archiving. All you have to do is put in the relevant keyword for the document. There is no doubt a majority of companies and businesses have a major inflow of critical documentation to manage, and it never stops pilling up – Laserfiche helps ease the burden by placing, storing and securing all your documents in harmonious order.

The BPM has a slew of other important benefits. Some of the most critical advantages of using Laserfiche include components like team collaboration, data visibility, securing documentation, streamlining archives and document management, business insight reporting, etc. It is used by many big and small companies in a variety of business fields such as financial services, government, healthcare, IT, education, etc.

As per Diligent Content Manager, Nicholas J. Price, technology continues to play an increasingly important role in business operations. BPM software such as these are a prime example of how smart companies perform at their best through technology. In the next post we will discuss BPM and how it fares against robotic process automation.

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