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too quiet. You can’t help but excuse the place, “Well, I am here just to pick up a widget or two,” knowing that if there was another place you could get it, you would be there in a heartbeat.  Nonetheless, out of curiosity, you begin looking for the management, and you see a slightly disheveled individual, who appears dead on his feet, and moves with all of the intensity of watching paint dry. Asleep at the wheel.  Nobody is steering the ship.  This phenomenon is a JOB phenomenon.  It is what happens in a business when their is no enthusiasm for what is going on.  There is no vision, nothing to hope for.  Nothing that makes anyone in the place jump out of the bed Monday morning and say, “Gee, I can’t WAIT to get to work!” How about your organization: are you and your team asleep at the wheel?  What are your stakeholders thinking about your business, your products or your services?  Are you one of those that thinks that you are so good that you don’t have to run a decent business?  Are you so focused on the bottom line that you take the commitment out of the business? To stand out in the marketplace, to build an extraordinary business, you’ve got to put the time and energy into creating a committed culture in your organization.  Characteristics (and benefits!) of committed cultures include:

  1. A commitment to quality and consistency
  2. Pride in the workplace
  3. Shared commitment to the organization’s success
  4. Shared vision
  5. A unified mission, meaning one that all employees can embrace
  6. Clear and open communication
  7. Free-flowing ideas and growth
  8. Passion for (internal and external) customers
  9. Low turnover
  10. High attraction rates for high quality talent
  11. Trust and openness
  12. Growth
While this is not an overnight change, it is one wherein the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Looking back at organizations that have done exceptionally well, you’ll see leaders that were committed to their employees, their growth and interests, and employees who were committed to growing the organization.  You’ll see teams that are awake at the wheel. Be committed to your employees.  Grow and extraordinary business.  Be awake at the wheel. Aepiphanni Business Consulting: The Business Strategy People is a Strategy Consulting Firm dedicated to serving the needs of small to medium sized business leaders and executives. We specialize in helping leaders create extraordinary businesses.  We welcome clients in the personal and professional services industries, including Creative and Design Services, Software & IT Services, Professional Services and Healthcare Services.  As always, we welcome your comments, thoughts, questions and suggestions.  If you are seeking a business assessment, or have further questions about creating your strategy or developing your vision, please give me, Rick Meekins, a call at 678-265-3908, or email us at [email protected]. AddThis Social Bookmark Button
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