10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Spending a Fortune

10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Spending a Fortune

Your goal when it comes to website traffic should be to drive more qualified visitors to your site. You want those visitors to convert into leads, customers or sales.

Driving traffic is a never-ending task. There are so many paths that your future customers can take, and you need to find the best ones that work for your business.

So how do you attract the right visitors to your site?

Below we look at 10 ways to increase traffic to your website – without spending a fortune.

  • Google Business Profile
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Topic Expert
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Organic Social Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and Load Time

Free Google Business Profile

An optimized Google business listing gets 7x more visits than an incomplete one.

Your listing links back to your website, so ensure all of the information is current so that a potential customer will click through.

Don’t forget, Google is incredibly smart and recognizes businesses that receive more views via their Google Business Profile,  placing your listing in ‘searches’ above your competition that may not have been so diligent with their listing.

Voice Search Optimization

As mentioned, to drive traffic to your website you need to show up where people are searching.

Voice Search is an essential area in which to improve your ranking as voice search is constantly increasing due to the sheer number of mobile devices.

When people are using voice search, they speak in full sentences. Therefore, you need to research longer-tail keywords.

Write answer-focused content that should answer the audience’s question.

Alexa and Google Home look for short, concise answers. Writing quick summaries on your posts makes it easier for smart speakers and search engines to find the answers they need.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another free source of traffic.

They contain specific offers, trials, discount codes, or other special content which encourages visitors to view your website.

It’s important to add a call to action or prompt curiosity on your landing page in order to inspire visitors to click through to claim the offer.

Engaging Social Media Posts

Curate posts on your social media channels that cultivate engagement with users.

Pose questions, use polls, stimulate curiosity, answer questions, and provide useful information.

Swipe up features and links designed to drive traffic back to your site  with a minimum number of clicks to ensure the user experience  is simple and easy to navigate.

Become a Topic Expert

Google favors sites that are known to be topic experts on the subject matter they are writing about.

To be seen as an expert, you can dedicate a web page (essentially a longer blog post) that broadly covers all aspects of a specific topic.

You then write content or supporting blog posts, targeting long-tail keywords about that single topic.

This helps search engines crawl and categorize the content you have on that topic, making it easier for them to rank you for that search.

This will boost traffic for all web pages of your topic.

Influencer Outreach

Industry influencers are keen to share content that will interest their followers.

Tag an influencer, or several, in your social media posts if the content is relevant to them.

They will hopefully then share your content with their audience.

Create a list of industry influencers and regularly tag them in your posts. You can also run sponsored posts on their social media pages.

If you aren’t sure where to start with influencer outreach, you can ask one of our Business Consultants to help you with that.

Organic Social Media and A.I.

Besides posting on your usual platforms, utilize Instagram stories with a swipe-up feature, live video content, IGTV, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit or Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has an automated lead generation feature on Messenger that allows businesses to create an automated chat experience with a visitor, which then links content or offers back to your site.

People love brands that respond to them, like them, or reply to them.

It humanizes your business and creates rapport with a potential customer, to prompt them  to return to your site.

Video Marketing

If you aren’t utilizing video marketing yet, then you should be.

Statista reports that 77% of internet users aged 15-35 use YouTube to consume video content.

You can create videos for all social media channels.

Videos improve your SEO and they assist your website to outrank your competitors.  Websites containing videos rank higher with Google searches than those without.

Email Marketing

An important thing to remember when using various forms of email marketing, such as newsletters, is that 50% of your audience will be reading it on their mobile devices.

Long newsletters may be a turn off for that reason, so keep them short and informative.

You can do this by writing a teaser paragraph, then adding links back to the relevant page on your website.

Ensure the subject line and images are enticing to the reader so that they will continue to engage.

SEO Optimization and Load Time

Do you know what your audience is searching for on search engines?

The meta description, which appears below your URL, tells the audience what your page is about and will result in them clicking through or not. Ensure you write a concise meta description for all your pages.

Ensure that these search phrases are built into the content of your website.

There is a clear relationship between site speed and conversion rate, so test, test, test your site constantly to ensure search terms and site speed are fully optimized.

High numbers of traffic to your site may seem encouraging. However, if they aren’t converting to revenue, then you need to look at other avenues of marketing your brand or change the content you are using to generate the leads.

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