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The Bottom Line | Extraordinary Business

Despite our best (or worst) intentions, it is the results that matter

stakeholdersThere have been a lot of conversations around the country about sustainability, business practices, ethics and a lot of what some might call “secondary stakeholder” concerns.  Interestingly, there have been a number of companies that have gotten stellar reviews for excellent customer service, environmentally friendliness and other “secondary stakeholder” concerns that appear to be less visible or have less market share.

Take T-Mobile, for example.  This was the mobile phone company that multiple JD Power & Associates awards for great customer service.  Despite the accolades, they are the smallest of the giants and have to constantly change market positions in order to maintain or even gain any market share.  Shouldn’t a company that puts that much energy into providing a great product and great service be at the top of the market?  They have great intention, don’t they?


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