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Efficient Marketing Practices

Identifying, Attracting and Keeping Your Best Clients

Have you ever considered efficiency in customer and client acquisition?  This might look like: your company closes one out of every 10 prospects, or out of every 20 calls, the company gets a meeting.  What about your actual marketing?  Are you marketing to everyone, or have you narrowed or segmented your marketing activities?

Many companies and non profit organizations find that they get the bulk of their revenue only 20% of their clients.  This means that if you have 200 clients, most of revenue is coming from only 40 of them.  If you have 5 clients, most of your revenue is coming from 1.  If you have 500 donors, dollars over dimes that you are getting a bulk of your donations and contributions from 100 of your donors. In any case, determining who that ideal client is, attracting them and keeping them is what business leaders need to focus on in their business development activities.


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