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JJ is a freelance writer and digital nomad currently stationed in UK. She is passionate about the developments in the tech industry and enjoys writing about how to bring the latest tech closer to various businesses. When she's not working on a new piece, you'll find her jogging at her favorite local park.

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5 Biggest Supply Chain Trends in 2019

For top businesses, supply chain management (SCM) can only be viewed in the context of maximizing strategic competitive advantage.

In the midst of a projected global economic slowdown in the next few years and heightening trade wars between trade giants, supply chain trends in 2019 have focused on minimizing risks from volatility while optimizing the supply chain. A labor shortage across the supply chain and rising automation can be seen as the driving force for innovation in SCM. The capacity of businesses to adapt to creating ‘digital supply chains’ can make or break their lead.


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Can You Be an Effective Leader When You’re Under a Lot of Stress? | Extraordinary Business


                  Image credit: Pixabay

Even the most successful individuals in the world of business experience stress – some would even argue they encounter more. Based on a survey presented by Online Recruitment Magazine, 67% of business leaders struggle with stress and emotional instability. Moreover, they also shared that 42% of managers are too focused on work causing them to be unable to consciously take control of their own thoughts and emotions.

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