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Surviving in the Desert Surviving in the desert requires awareness of changes in the environment, such as weather and seasonal changes, and ongoing preparedness to meet the challenges one faces.  During the cooler months, water and vegetation might be plentiful.  However, during the hot summer months, you’ve got to move to areas where water has pooled in order to ensure your survival when the local heat causes rivers and ponds to dry up.

Just as in the desert, June is typically the time of year when businesses go through some type of changes.  People and businesses tend to purchase differently at different times of the year.  For example, if you are in retail, your shelves would have shifted from spring items to summer items, such as goggles.  If you are in the hotel business, you are probably looking at events that might occur in your city that could impact rack rates.  Nonetheless, as business leaders, we should be aware that change has begun and we should be preparing for it.
One aspect of the change that isn’t always embraced by business-to-business companies is the idea that you may have different target markets dependent on the time of year.  For example, if you are a bookkeeper, your tax accounting season should be winding down and you’re out looking for new business.  During the fall months, it was pretty easy to look to other professional service firms; they are typically ramping up for fall and winter business.  During the summer, however, your business is probably going to come from industries with a bit more liquidity – cash available – to purchase your service.
Schools and churches tend to have fewer, if any, programs available for students during the summer months.  However, the buildings that they own have what is known as “excess capacity.”  Is there a market for these facilities, wherein the income would exceed the cost of opening them?  What would it take to bring in additional revenues, simply by changing your perspective on the facilities?
While consumers may shift their dollars to other interests, as business leaders, it is our responsibility to help them fulfill whatever goals they have.  At times, “they have not because they ask not,” meaning that they don’t know that certain offerings are available because it hadn’t been available at another time.  Other times, they simply need to think differently.  While they might typically make certain buying decisions at a certain time of year, you may present a compelling reason for them to purchase “out of season” to take advantage of your own excess capacity.
Business doesn’t happen most of the year…it happens all year round.  Be extraordinary.  Maintain a desert mindset.
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