How Change Management Is Key to Strengthening Your Company’s Digital Transformation

How Change Management Is Key to Strengthening Your Company’s Digital Transformation

How do you, as the business owner, successfully implement a digital transformation within your business? Is it as simple as sending out a company-wide email letting your people know what changes to expect and hope they all get on board? At some point, change occurs in every facet of a business.  Clearly, change is inevitable.

To drive successful change, many businesses look to Change Managers to oversee the digital transformation process within a company.

If “change management” is a concept that’s new to you, don’t worry—you’re not alone. In this digital age, it has become necessary for organizations to create an entire management category whose sole purpose is to execute successful transitions to new products, services, or processes using the most effective tools and techniques.

Three key benefits of utilizing change management are that it

1) reduces employee stress and anxiety about change,

2) encourages and creates harmonious inter-departmental relations, and

3) is comprised of people who possess the necessary skills to execute a successful digital transformation.

Reduces Employee Stress About Change

Understandably, employees can be stressed by upcoming change. When your team is used to doing things “the old way,” their knee-jerk response usually is to resist that change. Resistance is to be expected, and change management is trained and prepared to handle it and make the transition as smooth as possible. Some ways they do this are through employee training, workshops, and resources, and being available to answer any questions or concerns team members have about the transformation process.

Creates Harmonious Inter-departmental Relations

Integrating new systems and training ALL employees on new software will orchestrate harmony between each department in your business. This is where change management comes in and makes a huge difference. For instance, improved communication between your marketing and sales department —due to a digital transformation—will impact your business’s overall performance and scale your growth. Additionally, implementation of automation software increases productivity and performance, which directly impacts your company’s digital transformation from a holistic perspective.

Skilled in Driving Successful Change

Change managers are trained in utilizing the tools and methods needed to drive a business’s successful digital transformation, or any change in daily business processes for that matter. Traditional methods for change don’t always align with our modern, technology-driven business dynamics. An article published on points out that, “…they also found that most change management efforts fail because outdated models and change techniques are fundamentally misaligned with today’s dynamic business environment.” If your change methods are outdated, all change efforts will be futile.

You need change methods that are relevant to our ever-changing, technology-centric world. It may be uncomfortable to admit, because as a business owner you often think of yourself as superman or superwoman—but traditional management is not equipped to deal with change on the level that is required for a successful business outcome.

Getting Your Team to Love It

Most importantly, when it comes to change in a company, the human element must be considered before analyzing data, researching trends, and implementing change methods. The inward desire for change must be present, from upper management to the newest employee, before outward change can be embraced.

When your employees see the C-Suite getting on board and involved with change management in their business, it’s so much easier to get your people excited about making their own impact in the company’s transformation process. But they must see the benefits of change before they can get motivated to work with you towards successfully achieving a company-wide transformation. Seeing your involvement and willingness to accept the changes is everything. Don’t underestimate it!

Remember—in business, and in life, change is not a one-and-done event; rather, it is an ongoing process.

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