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Have you ever worked for an employer or known other business owners who acted as though they were the expert on everything that happened in the business?  Do you remember or notice how the employees felt: that they were expendable, that they didn’t count, and they really didn’t care about the job – it was just a job?  They did not share the same vision, passion and beliefs that the owner had in the business and thus, there was a house divided.

Throughout history, we are reminded that a house, divided, cannot stand, meaning that a house that does not share a unified mission and vision cannot be successful.  Many companies are destroyed from the inside out, with members amongst the ranks deciding that they want things to be different so much so that they strike or they quit and start their own competing companies or they find ways to sabotage the company.

As a leader, you are solely responsible for:

  1. Empowering your employees to make or participate in the discussions and decisions in which they have expertise and experience
  2. Harnessing their strengths so that they can bring as much as they can of who they are to help drive the business
  3. Showing them how they fit in the company mission and will help drive towards the vision
  4. Keeping them involved through a communication strategy, wherein you provide regular updates of what is going on in the company
  5. Valuing their ideas – have an innovation process for submitting, evaluating and implementing new ways of doing things in the company

If you can demonstrate to your employees how they are a valuable part of the growing organization, that they are truly stakeholders and that they are not expendable, you’ll find that they will be the bricks and mortar that keep your organization growing and moving forward.

Be extraordinary.  Don’t run a divided house.  Build an extraordinary one.

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