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Starting and running a business takes a well of energy that tends to get tapped into every waking our of the day.  Business leaders take requests from friends, family members, employees, vendors, clients and random people – in addition to putting out fires either caused by them or caused by other people.  When a day goes by and nothing happens – the business leader is probably a bit un-nerved.

What keeps business leaders going is energy, attitude and perspective – all three of which can be managed.  As a matter of fact, they all feed on each other.  A poor attitude and/or perspective lead to energy loss.  Poor energy affects attitude, which can affect perspective.  A negative perspective or outlook on things affects energy, which in term affects attitude.
There are things, of course, that feed energy, which is your main source of power – two of which are – perspective and attitude.  Out of the three, these are the two things you can always control.  Viktor Frankl, while being humiliated in the Nazi concentration camps declared that attitude is the last human freedom that cannot be taken from you.  Martin Luther King, Jr., although jailed, beaten and humiliated continued a non-violent, anti-aggressive march.  Jesus of Nazareth, while hanging on the cross, prayed for people who were executing him.
When a business leader chooses to have a negative attitude and a negative perspective, i.e., choosing to look at the glass as half-empty, they are killing their energy and, in turn, killing their attitude.  What would the ramifications of a negative outlook and perspective be?  Belief.  Belief from all stakeholders.  Even if the truth says the opposite, people will believe what they hear.
The alternative, of course, is having a positive attitude and outlook.  These, of course, feed your energy and the energy of those with whom you associate.  Positive beliefs will be built and people will be motivated to move things forward.  People will follow a business leader they believe in nearly anywhere they go.
Imagine that.  The only difference is attitude and perspective.
Be extraordinary.  Have an extraordinary attitude and perspective.
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