Extraordinary Business: Sell Happiness

In this weeks Business week, there was a story that centered around Apple called, “They Still Believe in Steve.”  The gist of the article centered around the Apple brand and the fact that despite “Antenna-gate,” the company reported profits of $3.25 billion on $15.7 billion is sales.  According to the article, COO Tim Cook said that Apple is, “selling every unit [they] can make.”

Consider, for a moment, what kind of brand power this company has.  “’For many people in this economy, Apple is what makes them happy,’ says Kaufman Brothers senior analyst Shaw Wu.”  This is the emotional response brand experts strive for when they work on a branding campaign with a company. image

Where is your brand power?  What do your customers and clients say about your company that, “makes them happy?”  Is it your customer service?  Your attention to detail?  Your willingness to listen and spend the time?

There was a client of mine who told me that her business was built around the fact that she was always accessible to her clients.  Her clients did business with her company because of her.  She made them feel good.

Is there a way that this could become part of the company culture, wherein everyone in the company could bring the same personal brand power?  In their hiring practices, they could find people with certain personality traits that could specifically address the needs of the organization.  They could indicate the close relationship in their values statements and articulate their desire to help in everything they do.

This begs to ask the question, “What are your really selling?”

Grow an extraordinary business.  Sell happiness.

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