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One of the mistakes that many business owners make is that they focus most if not all of their energy on the sale. They push and push and push – advertising, newsletters, webinars, talks, etc, down the throats of would be buyers, making the marketplace a virtual cutthroat alley where few dare to enter.

The problem with high-pressure sales is that the sales are often one-time, with little to no loyalty and few if any repeat visitors. While this is the tactic for sharks – consuming whatever scarce resources are available in a short amount of time – it is often not a sustainable business model.

A sustainable business model is one that embraces and participates in the communities in which they serve.  Members of the business community include:

  • The Marketplace – including customers, clients, potential clients and other businesses
  • Vendors – people who we purchase goods and services from who essentially make it easier to do our business
  • Employees – people who work for us and essentially are the driving forces behind our businesses
  • Investors – who have demonstrated and put money behind the foresight that our businesses were going to be extraordinary
  • Community – The community in which we draw all of the other members of our communities from. They might be considered the Macro Community, while the others are a subset of them, or the micro community.

In business communities, all members of the community – essentially stakeholders – are all interested in moving toward a higher level of being.

  • The Marketplace benefits by having its needs met – you provide them with a specific set of goods and services that are the right products or service at the right time for the right price
  • Vendors benefit by having you purchasing goods and services from them that you use, in turn, to provide goods and services to the marketplace
  • Employees benefit by having a job, a steady paycheck, benefits and some stability. They, in turn, help you expand your ability to take the goods and services you have purchased from your vendors, and get them to the marketplace.
  • Investors benefit by getting a return on the time and money they’ve invested. They extend your vision of providing goods and services to the marketplace by providing money to make purchases.
  • Communities benefit by receiving tax revenues as a result of the sale of goods or the payment of employees who are helping you get goods and services to the marketplace.

Without all members of the community, your business would cease to exist. In turn, the community is better off as a result of the existence of each other. As you can look at the many failed communities around you, communities wherein there is no equal exchange, shared beliefs or interests and objectives, are not sustainable communities. Therefore, it would be logical to embrace your communities.

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