Finding The Right Font For Your Brand | Extraordinary Business

From choosing a logo to deciding upon a color scheme, any aspect of visual presentation of your company name tells a story about the brand image you’re seeking to convey. This also includes the selection of font in your branding, a decision which might not seem like make-or-break but requires plentiful consideration by a company’s marketing team.

Small business should think of their branding font choice like a person selecting an outfit. When deciding what you wear, you’re usually attempting to present a certain image of yourself, be it a sports fan, a punk rocker or whatever else. The same goes with your choice of font; it needs to fit your industry and your target market. An inappropriate font selection is like wearing casual attire to a job interview, a mismatch that would have disastrous consequences.
When deciding upon a font for your small business, you must consider where it will be displayed and how it will appear in context. A font might look neat and elegant on a computer or phone screen, but transfer poorly to print or signage. Also, your font color could clash with other colors within your branding, or the font could fit poorly with the overall design. Likewise, if using multiple fonts, make sure they sit well together. Again drawing upon the clothing analogy, a shirt and trouser combination that doesn’t match will make you look silly, just as two clashing fonts could ruin a company’s branding.
This infographic from Creative Canary offers a useful guide to business owners and marking teams of small and medium businesses on how to select a font that fits their branding. Get it right, and you could create an image that becomes irrevocably linked with your brand – think of the Disney lettering, for example!


Jack Cameron works as a Marketing Coordinator with Creative Canary, a corporate branding development consultancy with its headquarters in Perth, Australia. The company provides branding, web design, web development and SEO services to small and medium businesses throughout Australia, helping them to establish and enhance their digital presence through innovative, bespoke strategies.
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