Get Grounded!!

What happened? You started your business with a great vision of what you wanted to do and a rough idea of how you would do it. You got a plan or direction for how you would get into business, who your customers would be, the amount of money you would make and how things would be. Six months later, your reality isn’t what you envisioned: you aren’t getting neither the business you wanted nor the customers you hoped for. Somehow the vision you had has gone by the wayside.

What do you do now?

Think about this, for a moment. When you buy a car, what happens when you use it as a bull dozer? If you buy a flower pot, does it make a very effective computer desk? Your cell phone…how often can you use it as a theft deterrent device? Now, look at your business. How long can your business survive without being fully defined and functioning the way that you designed it to?

Just like anything else that you expect to last, your business must have some defined parameters within to operate. How does this help?
1. Your stakeholders fully understand your business – the types of products and services you produce or offer, and the right kinds of customers and vendors for your company.
2. When you make decisions within the business, you can look at the parameters and narrow down or expand your options based on them.
3. You help the business by focusing on doing one thing and serving one purpose really well.
4. When you create systems and strategies for your business, as you review them, you can look to see what parts of the system lay within your expertise, and what items you might consider outsourcing in order to run as efficiently as possible.
5. When you seek talent, you will look at your recruits. along the lines of how their interests, need and experience align with those of the business.
6. When you look at new opportunities, or get special requests, you can look at them in terms of how they align (or don’t) with your business.

So, six reasons to start with. Although there are more, these are the most practical and scenarios things you will have to deal with. No, they won’t be the items that put you in the black overnight, but they are the things that will help you develop your niche.

Helping you get your business grounded is one of the things we do to help your company be there for the long haul. At Aepiphanni Business Solutions, we help you create great ideas and show you how to bring those ideas to fruition by helping you to leverage what you do best and exploiting it for everything its worth.

At Aepiphanni Business Solutions, we are dedicated to serving the needs of small business owners. We specialize in helping you develop strategies for your organization, and are committed to your success. If you have further questions about creating your strategy or developing your vision, please give me, Rick Meekins, a call at 678-265-3908, or email us at [email protected].

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