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Many business leaders go into business with the intention – every intention – of making it big and being at the top of their industry.  They get out and create and hustle their wares, researching and using every rainmaker strategy to get their business from its lackluster startup state to the money-making retirement ship to sale into the horizon.
Consider for a moment – if it was that quick and easy, everyone would do it.  Everyone would create some product or service, use social media and market it for free to their niche, after which, it would take off, virally, and the rest would be history.  Or – they would go to every networking event in town and connect with the top business leaders in their niche, close their deal in a few weeks and have a windfall of business…or it would be joint ventures or something else.
According to the experts, “anyone (everyone) can do it.”  It makes you almost wonder how much is crap and how much is cream?
A great partner of mine, Stephen Jones of Growth Strategies, demonstrated the “real deal” of social media marketing.  Guess what:

  • It wasn’t easy
  • It wasn’t quick
  • The formula had to be tweaked based on response and feedback from potential clients and partners
  • Getting to the point where JV partners would promote products or services took more work than just making a phone call
  • It takes more than one method of reaching out to people to get them to respond
  • Having an enormous social media list does not automatically drive traffic to your site or, more importantly, convert visitors into leads

…and the windfall?  It takes more work.  It takes investment in time and money.  One of the biggest tasks, it seems, is keeping up with all of the leads and moving them through the pipeline.
Building a business that will be a “cut above,” or better said, an extraordinary business, takes extraordinary tactics.  If you focus on doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll get the same results as everyone else.
FYI – If your sales results are not what you’re expecting them to be, Reply TODAY and I’ll arrange an introduction + a savings on social media marketing services because of our partnership with Growth Strategies.
Be extraordinary.  Seek extraordinary measures.
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