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Google Plus The new Google + seems to be making some great headway in the socialsphere. I decided to give in and give it a try and was pleased to find that a number of my FaceBook friends had already begun to join.  My information from my Google account seems to have populated, so set up of the account went pretty quickly.  I’ve already added the fancy new widget to our web page.

Keep in mind: while many social media platforms may appear to be more trends than anything else, social media can be an essential part of your communications strategy and your brand.  People expect their providers to be in certain places; not just on the search engines, but taking an active part in THIER communities.  Your social media communications needs to serve to improve the value of the overall community, not just another means by which to push your goods down someone’s throats.

Before jumping into this great article from Growth Strategies – an internet marketing company dedicated to building company’s online presences, add me to your Google+ Circle!

Hello. Maybe you’ve heard of the official launch of the new Google+ Social Media service. It’s been THE talk of the town since it’s launch about 2 weeks ago!

And according to a news post from today, Google+ has topped 10 Million users: stephen Jones - Growth Strategies

So, what does this mean for you???

We will be carefully planning a social media marketing strategy with you as we discover the opportunities and options Google+ has for their users. We will need to integrate the tool in with your existing online and offline marketing. We also found out that Google+ stopped accounts for “brands, businesses, and organizations” until they officially launch Google+ for businesses later this year:

So your first steps into the new social community with Google+ will be as an individual (personal) user! It’s also important for you to know that Google has temporarily halted any new sign-ups become of intense demand, and so they can manage the growth:

So, I just wanted to give you a “head’s up” on what’s going on out there, and give you ONE destination email (this one) that gives you important links, news and resources around Google+ and we’ll be sure to keep you posted! Feel free to Forward this to other people in your network who could use the info. They’ll appreciate you thinking of them!

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