Great Posts from Across the Web: 5/19/09


Three Rules for These Times
Harvard, MA

The first question business schools should teach their students to ask is my Rule #3: Ask the last question first. The last question is, what’s the point of the exercise? Jack Welch famously said it was to maximize shareholder value–a terrible answer [more�]

Only the Optimists Survive

Business Week
By Warren Bennis

“Only the paranoid survive” was the famous call to action by Intel pioneer Andy Grove, and that hyper-vigilant motto undeniably has worked wonders during his illustrious career. For leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s business climate [more�]clip_image002

What Really Triggers a Referral?

From: Duct Tape Marketing

Referrals most naturally happen when two people are talking and one of the parties expresses a pain in the neck. If the other party just had her pain in the neck fixed, she may very well say something like, �ooh, you just gotta call Bob, he�s the best pain in the neck fixer on the planet.� [more�]

How Do You Define Greatness? – BNET

The 7 Cs of Success

For the most deeply satisfying and sustainable forms of success, we need to bring into any challenge, opportunity, endeavor, or relationship:  [more…]

Finding a Business Partner

WA today, Australia
Take Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, the founding partners of Apple. While the tech juggernaut is now worth $US135 billion, the original partnership between the founders famously fell apart. A big reason: The two men simply didn’t share the same career [more…]

Workplace Must Change to Meet Gen F Needs

By John McFerran � Winnipeg Free Press

Growing up online should work in the favour of Gen F – Generation Facebook, the under-25 group for whom technology is second nature. In fact, a new survey of 16-to-18-year-olds commissioned by software company FileMaker reports that respondents are more confident in their IT skills (82 per cent) than they are in their interpersonal skills (64 per cent) as they prepare to join the workforce. [more…]

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