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Change Is Inevitable

Have you ever recognized a need to change something in your business but don’t know where to start? When your business is right at the cusp of growing beyond your control, do you wonder how to start adjusting to growth? Do you ever feel like you are constantly catching up with the rest of the business world or your customers? These are all common issues that can be solved by learning how to manage change in your business. This blog series will address some of the main ideas, solutions, tools, and strategies for adjusting to change. An overview of the upcoming series is below.  We look forward to sharing it with you.

Harnessing Change: A Blog Series to Transform Change Into Strategy

Why Change?

Some might wonder why there is a need to change, especially if things are working well. The truth is that change happens to your company every day. It’s unavoidable. We address practical reasons why learning about change management is extremely valuable to your company in our first blog “Why Change?”

How to Change?

How do you begin to manage change when time and resources are limited and there is no way to fully predict or control change? It can be overwhelming. We explain some of the methods, tools and perspectives that can be used to start managing change in your business in the blog “How Do You Start Changing?”.

How Do Entrepreneurial Businesses Harness Change?

Most businesses have limited resources that are constantly divided between running the business and growing the business. After explaining why and how change can be managed, it’s fair to ask how does my business manage change? We address that question in our blog “How Do Entrepreneurial Businesses Change?”.

Change Management Models

It’s important to provide practical methods for harnessing change. Smaller businesses are faced with different constraints than larger organizations. Templates and guidelines have been developed to help address the specific needs of smaller businesses when looking at harnessing change for their company. Our blog “Change Management Models for Entrepreneurial Businesses” provides roadmaps for how entrepreneurial business can apply change management to their businesses.

Sustaining Change Management Practices

The very nature of change is that it never stops. Learning how to maintain change management practices are critical. We address the concept of sustainable change management in our blog “Sustainable Change Management is Strategic”.

The Future of Change

Though it is difficult to predict the change businesses will be faced with, there are trends that can be explored to give a competitive edge to those who want to exploit them. We will discuss some of these trends in our blog “The Future of Change”.

Changing from Manager to Leader

The most effective way a business can adapt to change is by having its decision makers transition from being managers to being leaders. Managers put out fires, direct, and react; a leader changes the operational foundation of a business so that the business can be ready for change when it comes. The final blog in the series, “How to Change from Manager to Leader,” defines the difference between managers and leaders. This blog will help business owners make the transition from a reactive manager to a proactive leader.
The success of change management depends on how you deal with new and unexpected challenges that arise along the way. However, it does not happen overnight. Frank Calderoni, CEO of Anaplan, offers “Be reasonable in your expectations for how long it’s going to take for the change. Build that into your plan. You can be aggressive, but you also need to be realistic.”
Megan Miller is a business writer at Aepiphanni, specializing in the fields of marketing, organizational development, and entrepreneurial strategy development. She has an MBA and a Doctorate of Business with a focus on International Business from Liberty University. Megan is currently active in article publications focusing on knowledge management in small and medium-sized businesses. She researches the topics of entrepreneurial cognition, international entrepreneurship, environmental scanning and knowledge acquisition processes of business leaders.
Megan’s professional goals are to help small and medium-sized businesses become established and increase their competitive ability as a means for improving local and regional economies on a global scale. Megan has a passion for teaching and training young women to become successful in achieving their career goals. She currently works with the Wellspring Living Organization as a volunteer in their Women’s Academy to help educate women coming out of human trafficking and domestic violence lifestyles. She also enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures with a particular affinity for Ireland and Italy.
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