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Individuals in business are always trying to find a way to overtake the competition. They are on the constant lookout for different products and strategies which will give their business a competitive advantage. AI (artificial intelligence) is one of these tools a company can use. Millions of business around the world still have not become fully digitized. Even the more sophisticated business has been unable to fully implement AI systems in their business plans. A business that does use and integrate AI will be able to charge less for the same product and gain success over the competition.

AI in the marketplace

AI can be essential for success in the marketplace to spot trends and patterns that an individual may not otherwise be able to see because machine learning can digest trends and advances from thousands of different data points. It can turn those trends into a plan and a set of suggestions for the company from where to market, what product to focus on, and what price point products or services should be sold at.

The most effective usage of AI is that your business improves over time when integrated with AI. . AI systems learn from their mistakes and implement that knowledge into a more effective approach. For instance, one of the most common applications of AI is in marketing. An AI-suggested marketing plan may cause an advertisement to be sent to a particular group that does not buy the product or service offered. The AI system will learn from that failure and then apply that knowledge to future marketing campaigns. The result would be a more effective marketing approach which would accurately reach the right audience more easily.

AI against the competition

Embracing the use of AI is essential for competition in the 21st century. For one, they are able to more carefully pick their clients which means creating work that is exceptional and can be shown on a portfolio to other potential customers or investors. Exceptional clients can also help build a professional network which makes future business endeavors much easier. Strong professional networks could be priceless for a company’s success.

Making the process of gaining and keeping business easier makes it more profitable to offer their product or service at a lower price point. Cheaper prices make the business a better buy and a stronger play in the marketplace. All of these benefits can be traced directly back to the use of AI in production, strategy, and marketing and will quickly pay for itself in a large number of instances. Companies that implement AI at this point are early adapters of the technology and will most likely have a clear competitive advantage in whatever field they are participating in.


Many individuals who first look at using AI for their business are confused. They do not fully understand how the software works and what the learning mechanism of the AI is. These individuals do not need to worry. Through trial and error, they will quickly be able to utilize this technology and improve the performance of their business. A few short weeks or months of research can implement an AI plan that significantly increases the chance of success for any small business.

Adrian Rubin is an experienced writer and photographer in the Philadelphia area. He has worked for numerous prominent clients and edited several newspapers. Adrian also loves to travel and donates to many good causes.

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