None of us is as Smart as All of Us!

None of us is as Smart as All of Us!

Obama Promises A Small Biz Tax Credit For Health
Posted at 4:55 PM
In a speech yesterday to Latino activists, Barack Obama unveiled a tax credit to encourage small firms to buy health insurance for employees. “My plan won’t impose any new burdens on small businesses,” he told the audience at the National Council of La Raza. “Instead, we’ll help them not just create new jobs, but good jobs — jobs with health care; jobs that stay right here in America; the kind of jobs we need in our communities.” [Rest of the article…]

Selling Cache
Posted by Ted Hurlbut at 4:52 PM
Walk into an upscale mall today and there’s something new and different that’s hard to overlook. The storefronts of some of the most trendy national retailers — Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, just to name a couple — appear to be hardly storefronts at all. No expansive entryways framed by plate glass, inviting customers into the store. Instead, these stores have been hidden behind elaborate walls and narrower doorways, hiding from view all that lies behind. [Rest of the article…] How to Find the Right VC for Your Company
It’s critical for entrepreneurs, when targeting venture capital firms, to narrow their search based on key criteria
by Tom Taulli
A few weeks ago, I talked to the founder of an upstart tech company. From what I could tell, his company was a good fit for a Series A venture capital round. However, he wasn’t able to get any interest. What was going wrong? Well, it looked like he was targeting the wrong VC prospects. [Rest of the article…] Five Don’ts for Marketing in Tough Times
As counterintuitive as it might sound, avoid discounting. Our columnist offers advice on positioning your company to survive and thrive
by Steve McKee
Unpredictable. Slow. Bleak. Grim. Gloomy. All words that have been used to describe the economic outlook for the balance of 2008—and depending upon who you talk to, the scenario for 2009 and beyond. Standard & Poor’s believes the economic difficulties we’ve been experiencing due to the mortgage mess and skyrocketing oil prices will be at their worst early next year (, 6/13/08). And while the housing market is sure to recover, oil prices may never come back down. That means more tough times for the economy, both in the U.S. and globally. [Rest of the article…] July 9, 2008
Is Your Company Like the Brady Bunch?
Posted at 6:41 PM
When companies are sold, the founder will probably have a hard time coping, and the buyer may not turn out to be as or clever in their management as one might hope. This is old news explored with a bit of style by an article in the The New York Times. The piece focuses specifically on the experiences of founders who sell to a big company and then end up working for the acquirer as a middle manager. [Rest of article…] July 9, 2008
How Do You Maintain Sales During the Slow Seasons?
Posted at 6:03 PM
It’s that time of year. July 4th, picnics, vacations, and a predictable drop in business. If you are a sales veteran, perhaps you have noticed the cyclical nature of sales volume. If you are new to sales, it is possible you have not determined the fluctuations. [Rest of article…] Know Your Customer – It’s Not Just About Demographics Anymore
Written by Vera Raposo on July 10th, 2008 / 5 Comments / Print this
This guest post is by Wendy MacQueen,
Know Your Customer
Throughout history, businesses have used demographics to define their customer base and tailor where they deliver their marketing messages. These tried-and-true methods of marketing helped businesses focus only on their customer, rather than a mass approach. [Rest of article…] Do You Have a Meteorite Plan?
Posted by Clint Greenleaf at 10:41 AM
Some of the best innovations we’ve had in business come from what I call theMeteorite Plan. The premise is, what would you do if a huge meteoritecrashed directly into your problem, destroying it and the framework for itin one fell swoop? Your visualization of this scenario may vary (you canreplace the meteorite with any sort of disaster) but the results willprovide you with a new perspective based on needs, not limitations. [Rest of article…]
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