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Market Assessment Series: Part 5 | Extraordinary Business

Question 5: What are the different market segments? Do we need to enter in all or just a few of these segments? Which segments are expanding and which are shrinking?

Market segmentation is a crucial part of a marketing strategy, especially one being utilized when entering a new market. In this fifth part of our market assessment series, we’ll discuss the importance of market segmentation.

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Call of the Entrepreneur

Take a look…what do you think? What is it that drives us to do what we do? Is it pride? Is it greed? Is it narcisism? Businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, be them big or small. We all contribute to the success and growth of life as we know it, from the rice paddy grower to the T-Mobiles of the world. Without those who are willing to take a risk…risking all, sometimes, we don’t grow.

Call of the Entrepreneur looks like an interesting movie that discusses these and other topics. Determine where you fit.

What struck a nerve with me, however, is the idea that while many enter the marketplace with the goal of domination, where someone wins and someone loses, the reality is that there is room in the marketplace to present our new and unique positions to expand the marketplace to support unique offerings to a distinct market segment. So, which is stronger…one of us or all of us?


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