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Keep Moving Forward

It’s interesting how life changes; it seems that there are so many times when there were things that were thought to be “in balance” that suddenly get “out of whack.”  There are those things that were taken for granted as always being available that suddenly are gone or inaccessible.

When these things happen, we typically only have two options: get stuck or move on.

Chances are, if you let yourself get stuck, you are creating or continuing a mindset that will never allow you to move beyond mediocrity.  You’ll get sad and depressed, probably start blaming yourself and/or other people and generally make the people around you miserable.


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Extraordinary Business | Does the Boat Float?

As business leaders, decision-making is our primary responsibility, and what our clients, employees and the marketplace expects us to do.  From purchases as simple as pens for everyday use (or delegation of someone to make those decisions) to developing short and long term plans for the entire organization, business leaders are positioned to “lead the way!”  We must always strive to move the business forward, focus on the vision, think outside of our emotional baggage and build a thriving, growing organization.

The challenge facing business leaders is that there are so many dynamics and echoes around each decision that making gut level decisions often gives us little control over the ripples that result from them.See if the boat floats!

But we do the best we can with what we have.  We throw the boat in the water to see if it will float. The question we have to ask ourselves is: “Is this good enough.”  Well – if you are into mediocrity, perhaps it is. [···]

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