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Amazon Storefronts – Amazon’s Online Store for the Small Business | Extraordinary Business

Amazon, the second company to hit a $1 trillion market cap (among other things), has launched an online store for small businesses. While critics of Amazon often call out the eCommerce giant for out pricing small scale businesses, this initiative provides a different narrative.


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4 Ways to Drive Innovation in Your Small Business | Extraordinary Business

Innovation is always a good thing in business. For smaller businesses, it is even more important. With the right innovation, you can outsmart bigger competitors while achieving sustainable growth. Innovation has helped countless small businesses move beyond their struggling phase. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can drive innovation in your small business.

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Starting your own small business that stands out from the crowd is a huge challenge – but armed with the knowledge to avoid the most common faux pas made by your peers, it’s entirely possible for you and your business to emerge from the five-years of hard work with positive financial prospects. To discover the major mistakes that many entrepreneurs make – and how you can avoid them – keep reading!

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Change Management Models for Small Businesses | Extraordinary Business

change management
There are several recognized models for change management. Each model has its benefits and its sacrifices. Each model can, in effect, be tailored to a business and its leadership as indicated by Grant Shaw in his article 4 Change Management Models for Your Small Business. Some models have value as a communication tool to choreograph large-scale organizational change. This is useful during business process re-design/restructuring or if a company is re-branding. Others have value as an outline to structure continuous or targeted changes that happen on a much smaller scale. An example would be transforming the function of a specific department within a larger company.

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How do Entrepreneurial Businesses Harness Change? | Extraordinary Business

There is a basic principle of change management that applies to both large and small companies – some people will embrace change while others will resist it. When faced with change, small business owners have the added pressure of having limited resources which means that making good decisions about investing in change is critical. There is not much room to make poor strategic decisions when managing any small business, let alone when purposefully making a change within the company. Quite often, change management in small businesses is unsuccessful because there is a lack of communication and follow through with a change management plan, according to Robert Half, a specialized staffing firm. There are several tips that will help small businesses harness change so that they can get a competitive advantage in their market.

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How Small Business Owners Are Leading the Country in Innovation | Extraordinary Business

Recommended Reading: How Small Business Owners Are Leading the Country in Innovation


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If you have been in business for a while, you and your staff probably have had some great ideas about how to improve your business. The interesting thing is, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, according to Patricia Greene, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson College in her article, “How Small Business Owners Are Leading the Country in Innovation,” as the title indicates, small business owners lead innovation – not just in product and service development, but also in their processes, markets they pursue and serve, sources of supply and changes in their business models.
Please take a look at her article and let us know whether or not you agree. Are you one of the 2/3rds of business owners who are in some phase of innovation? Do you feel that some form of innovation will give your company an advantage over your competitors?

How Small Business Owners Are Leading the Country in Innovation

Entrepreneurs are creating meaningful impact in their communities

By Patricia Greene, Professor of entrepreneurship, Babson College
Small businesses are the innovators of the world, while functioning in a climate in which innovation is rapidly becoming a word that’s use is so ubiquitous that it’s in danger of losing its power, and that would be a bad thing. Broadly, its usage is frequently synonymous with invention or creativity. Narrowly, innovation can sometimes refer to a particular part of the development of a new product or service, usually having to do with a specific type of technology.
Earlier this year, Babson College published a research report The State of Small Business in America 2016, highlighting the top challenges and opportunities that America’s small-business owners face in today’s economic climate. One of our most unexpected findings revealed the amount of innovation under way by small-business owners. Survey results aggregated insights of more than 1,800 small businesses across the U.S., all employers representing every industry sector, with a median age of 12 years in business, a minimum of four employees, and at least $150,000 in revenue. In other words, entrepreneurs who are the economic core of our country.
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Accounting Software Solutions for Small Businesses | Extraordinary Business

Accounting Software
Every small business needs an easy to use and reliable accounting software that tracks the company’s finances accurately. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to spend a great deal of time on monitoring their firm’s accounting records. What they require is a robust software package that is capable of providing the reports and data needed to run the business efficiently.
Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality small business accounting apps to choose from. Here is a brief description of three.

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