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Management is a juggling act between achieving high level performance and maintaining good working relationships with your staff.  Some people can naturally step into a management role and excel at both, but that’s often not the case.  Most times managers truly struggle with how to maintain their authority to get the results they are being paid for while at the same time making their employees feel valued.

Entrepreneur magazine recently featured an article by Sadie Williamson titled “How to Bond with Your Employees Without Compromising Your Authority,” that contains a number of great tips on how to do just that.  Williams states, “Over the years, I’ve learned that regardless of the company, management is an inherently difficult position — but it’s not an impossible one. By setting expectations, adopting a healthy flow of communication and identifying long-term goals and priorities, it’s possible to create a constructive work environment that is a safe and fun place to be, improves your relationship with your employees and ultimately allows everyone to thrive.”

One of my favorite tips from her article is establishing clear KPIs for each role. I remember positions I’ve had in the past when I was blindsided upon finding out my manager’s opinion of my performance was significantly different than mine because we had radically different expectations of my role performance.

My work ethic in any role is extremely high. I always do what’s expected and often more to excel in a position, so it often came as a shock to be told otherwise.  If I had KPIs at that time, my manager and I would’ve had a tangible measuring stick for those expectations which would’ve reduced the ambiguity between us.

Take a few moments right now and read through Williamson’s article here, then commit to implementing her suggestions as soon as possible.  Over time you’ll see how it makes a difference and makes you look good to your manager!

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