Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Your Writing Matters

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Head in the Sand
When it comes to understanding the importance of writing skills and its impact on success, some business owners have their heads in the sand…

Could your business benefit from more sales? Are your marketing materials producing the desired results? Do documents demonstrate that your company is an extraordinary business? As Rick asked in a recent blog: Are you producing the right message to the right target in the right way?

Effective writing is a universal requirement that leads toward increased sales and success. Regardless of your industry, product, service or profession, clients expect to receive a plain language document that is clear, concise and easy to understand. If not, as stated by William DuBay, President of Impact Information, “…valuable time and money have been wasted for both the writer and reader.”

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have no idea how much time, money and sales are lost due to poor writing skills. This deficiency among staff increases the company’s risks and liability; yet, it’s an avoidable expense when business owners and employees are trained to use effective writing techniques.

Poorly written documents (e.g., proposals, correspondence, marketing materials) incur a significant, wasteful expense for your company. They can be the difference between a sale or no sale; contract or no contract. Why?

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Your Writing Matters | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 1

Because according to Robert Barrass, “When we write to people whom we have never met, they must judge us in the only way they can – by our writing.” Therefore, business owners should consider these editing tips to eliminate common writing errors.

“Doing business today requires writing in plain language. Poor writing results in costs you cannot afford to pay.”

~Michael Egan

1) Review and edit from a printed copy, not on the computer screen

2) Remove unnecessary or redundant words repeated three or more times in the same sentence

3) Revise passive voice sentences to the active voice showing “who” did “what”

4) Use short sentences rather than long, rambling ones that confuse and lose the reader

5) Eliminate inconsistent punctuation

There are numerous resources to help improve writing skills, whether you’re a beginner or veteran writer. Knowing the value and importance of effective written communications can increase sales and productivity; but only if you invest in yourself and staff by strengthening writing skills.

So produce the right message to the right target in the right way by using effective writing techniques and enable your documents to soar on the wings of words!!


Write Like a Pro 2For more than 34 years, Marcía Riley conducted successful written communication courses for academic, business and government clients throughout the country and abroad. She has served as an international judge for WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards and ClearMark Awards, as well as judged essays for academic scholarships.

Marcía is the author of a two-book series: Write Like A Pro-2. To obtain more information and practice editing techniques on her YouTube visit The second edition of her eBook was selected for Biblio-Tech Digital Library’s mid-July launch; thus available in every public library throughout the state of Georgia.

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  1. Very good points here! The writing you send to clients, both potential and actual, can really change how they view you. Having well written, professional documents is vital. Small errors can really hurt.

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