Covid-19 Survival Tips & Lessons from the Small Business Community

If you do a search on the topic “small businesses and the coronavirus pandemic,” you’ll find there are hundreds of thousands of articles, images and videos sharing stories, providing encouragement, offering lessons learned, and supplying turnaround strategies for the small business community. Each one provides a different perspective and different nuggets of valuable advice
We, at Aepiphanni Business Consulting, not only own a small business — our entire client base are small business owners that we help become extraordinary leaders and companies. With that in mind, we would like to share our unique insight of experiencing the coronavirus pandemic on two fronts: inside our own business and how we supported our clients through their Covid-19 pandemic challenges.

As you read through this article, you’ll find a variety of first-hand experiences in the form of quotes from the Aepiphanni team and vendors who partner with us to serve our clients, as well as video clips from our clients sharing coronavirus lessons they learned. May this article prove to be helpful to your small business as we all shift to whatever the “new normal” becomes over time.

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