Defending Your Home… -Based Business

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Tactics to reduce risk of running a home-based business or office

Keep your business safe!While it is relatively easy to set up a home-based business, some of the risk that is involved in starting the business isn’t always taken into consideration. Whether the business is a micro-enterprise, or a larger virtual team with home-based members, as a business leader, you need to consider how you can and will protect your business.

In the following post, author Lucy Kim writes about risks some business leaders may or may not have considered, reducing risk and some recommendations and resources to consider.

Please enjoy the post. I look forward to your response!


Defending Your Home… -Based Business

Technology — it’s what makes it possible for 30 million American’s to work from home. It’s also what causes concerns when it comes to privacy and security measures. This is only now becoming a growing concern, and in the next 5 years it is estimated that those who work from home will increase by 60 percent, according to Forbes. More people working this way, means more people trying to hack into your home. It’s never been more important to protect the area where you run your own business. Implement some of these tips now for added security.

Defending Your Home... -Based Business | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 1

Take It to the Shredder

Old tax returns, contracts, credit card applications and bills should be cut into confetti-like pieces when they’ve served their purpose. Any piece of paper that has identifying information such as a phone, social security or bank account number needs to undergo this additional step before being recycled.

Hook Up A Home Alarm

While you could rig up something similar to the “Home Alone” movies, you’ll be better protected with a system that provides you with a wireless alarm system that you can check up on no matter where business or pleasure take you for the day. Products such as alarm systems are a simple, effective way to protect your entire home.

Get the Keys to the Bank

Open a safe deposit box in your local bank. Store important papers here such as your business registration papers, contracts, certificates and anything else that you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands. For papers that you refer to frequently, keep a photocopy at home in a locked file drawer or fire-proof safe. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of your bank account numbers, passwords and the bank’s phone number in your safe deposit box in case your records at home are stolen.

Box It Up

Investing in a fire-proof safe is one of the best things you do in case your home ends up among the estimated 2 million burglaries that happen annually, according to the FBI. Sure, it may be a hassle to take out a key or punch in a code every time you need access to something inside, but it’s a small price to pay compared to what you’d go through if all your personal and business information is stolen.

Ring Your Insurance Agent

Chances are, your home or renters insurance policy doesn’t cover events like the UPS man slipping as he delivers a box of fabric and buttons for your craft business or if your collection of used books that you sell at flea markets is damaged or stolen. An article from Entrepreneur says that simple phone call to your insurance agent, describing the nature of your business, can result in them drawing up a new policy that will protect your business from various mishaps for a much lower price than you might expect.

Even though all of these security measures will cost you some of your hard-earned profits, if you’re using them solely for your home-based business, you can probably write them off as business expenses.

Lucy Kim: Lucy is a mom and avid environmentalist who runs a social media company from her home.

Rick Meekins is the Managing Consultant at Aepiphanni, the trusted advisor for business leaders who are seeking forward-thinking solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth. Our entrepreneurial multidisciplinary team works with clients to develop differentiating solutions and provide direction focused on lasting, strategic results.  We exist to help our clients CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD extraordinary businesses.

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