Do You Know Where Your Articles of Incorporation Are? | Guest Post from Don Fornes

Document management: knowing what corporate documents you need to keep and a great tool to store them

imageDon Fornes, CEO of Software Advice out of Austin, Texas touches on a topic that falls under the “safety” level of the business hierarchy. The safety level is the level where a business would look at risk in the business and ways to reduce it.

As you can relate, one of the last things business leaders think about when starting and running their company is where to store certain documents. As you know, certain documents are more important than others; it seems as though the articles of incorporation are high on the list of things that need to be on hand.

Corporate_Files_Thumb.jpgWhat usually happens is someone needs a copy of your articles in order to set up an account, for tax filing, setting up bank accounts, getting permits, registrations and when you are seeking funding. These days, people request electronic documents instead of the old “stuck in the filing cabinets” versions.

Of course, TIME is one of those assets that once lost you cannot regain. Therefore, Don suggests that investing some time today to set up a method of storing your documents will save you tons of time in the future…and you, like Don, will probably feel better, too, knowing that everything is in place.

Take a look at Don’s original post and download the complimentary tool he developed to assist with document management by clicking here.

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