Don’t be a Jack Wagon

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Extraordinary Business: Don’t be a Jack Wagon As I was working out this morning, I couldn’t help but think to myself that I was tired, had worked hard this week and didn’t FEEL like working out.  As I considered this, I realized that if I didn’t work out today, there was no way I was going to reach my goal.  Furthermore, I could easily adapt this attitude to anything that I have to do.  I don’t FEEL like going to a particular meeting.  I don’t FEEL like doing a particular piece of work for a client.

Don’t be a Jack Wagon | Aepiphanni Business Consulting 3
The reality is that if I don’t do anything I didn’t FEEL like doing, I will never get anywhere.  The way that I FEEL isn’t what gets things done.  Doing what I HAVE to do gets them done. This drew me to the Gieco commercial wherein a drill sergeant – someone trained to teach people to get things done regardless of circumstance – is posing as a therapist with a patient describing how they feel about a particular circumstance. As business leaders, there are things that simply have to get done, regardless of the energy or emotional stability (or lack thereof) that we have.  What seems to happen, from observation, is that when we begin to use our emotions to drive the business, the business begins to walk on shakier legs; the things that were moving forward are suddenly slowing and stopping, goals become insurmountable mountains, and people around us begin to lose faith in us, as we are no longer in a position to make good decisions. The worst part of it is that we begin to use these emotions as a crutch; we begin to articulate the excuse, “well, I just don’t feel like it right now” and let that be our first foot forward.  Again, other people see the attitude you present and while they might have some level of compassion for you, they are probably very clear on the fact that they will need to wait until you are in a better situation before they a) do business with you and b) recommend you to other people with whom you might do business. Getting to extraordinary is never easy.  Having sustainable business means that you’ve weathered the storms, climbed the mountains, crossed the rivers and got people to follow you! Be extraordinary.  Don’t be a jack wagon.  Do what you need to do. Aepiphanni Business Consulting: The Business Strategy People is an Operations Management and Strategy Consulting Firm dedicated to serving the needs of small to medium sized business leaders. We specialize in helping leaders create extraordinary businesses. We welcome clients in the personal and professional services industries, including Creative and Design Services, Software & IT Services, Professional Services and Healthcare Services.  As always, we welcome your comments, thoughts, questions and suggestions. If you are seeking a business assessment, or have further questions about creating your strategy or developing your vision, please give me, Rick Meekins, a call at 678-265-3908, or email us at [email protected]. AddThis Social Bookmark Button
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