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Here’s a great article from Bob Shelden, author of “When You Become The Boss,” called “Tough times calls for tough training.”  This excellent article has been nominated as one of the Top Ten Sales Articles of the year.  as of this publication, it is in second place, by a narrow margin.  You can check its status here –; Here’s a quote from the article – a two minute read:

With the downturn in the market, good staff are still surprisingly hard to find, particularly at the operator level. image
A colleague in the hospitality industry, spoke about his challenges:
“Good staff have become rare. Everyone’s competing for the same pool of labour. The young, often with limited education, unskilled and without any career in mind, are just working for a couple of months until they find something they like. Our organisation is understaffed. Sick leave is on the rise, morale is down, productivity and efficiency are low. On top of that, the supervisors are overworked. We are caught in a vicious circle.”

Enjoy the article.  Employ its direction.  Pass it on to friends and colleagues.  If you feel it’s value added, why not let someone know by voting for it –; I did.

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