Effects of Political Decisions and Your Income

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Kevin Drum of Washington Monthly talks about the differences in economies under democratic and republican leadership in his article: “Your Salary in 2016 — The Big Difference Between a McCain or Obama Administratio: Middle-class families will earn about $13,000 more in eight years if Obama wins and $5,000 if McCain wins.”clip_image002

The article shares several historical studies that show that under Democratic Leadership, the economy has faired better, consistently.  The Gross Domestic Product has grown each year, the stock market performed better, individual incomes increased and annual federal spending decreased each year the nation was lead by a Democrat.  Conversely, Republicans tended to decrease taxes on the rich, and showed lower overall economic growth.  Prior to election years, the Republicans were able to show great financial gains and controls, then return to less fiscally and nationally inclusive policies once they won the election.

Looking at the situation, I have to wonder, based on history, why would I vote Republican.  It is like surfing in shark infested waters.  People do.  I just don’t know how much sense it makes.


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