Efficient Communication During COVID-19

How to Communicate with Your Clients Effectively During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Regardless of whichever industry your business may be in, COVID-19’s impact across business globally has been felt heavily. Clients are also looking at how their favorite brands and businesses are reacting to the crisis, and what they’re doing especially for their customers.

At this point, with all the uncertainty, the best thing a business can do for its clients is to stay in touch and reaffirm their presence. Check out some of our tips on how you can go that extra mile to let your customers know that you are with them. In turn, your client will most likely stay with you until the coronavirus is over.

  • Find out which communication platform your client base is using

Are your customers replying actively to your e-mails? Do you have a huge following on social media? Do people visit your site often? Various communication platforms will require you to communicate differently depending on your desired targets and intended message.

    • Regular communication:

For regular updates about your business and touching base with your clients, social media will be the best avenue to reach them. Utilize your social media accounts to ask your clients how they’re doing, show them what you’re doing to help the community during the outbreak, share some tips for them to stay safe, or simply to spread some positivity.

    • Urgent and formal communication:

Either create a temporary page on your website or add a banner that lets your clients know important information about your business during this time. Make use of your e-mail lists to reach out to your clients and let them know if and how you’re planning to continue servicing them and your plans as this situation progresses.

  • Empathize with your customers

We are all in this together. This is what you should believe and what you should be conveying to your clients. It is the perfect time for brands and businesses to show their humanity.   Let your customers know that you are not simply a business, but a community of people who can relate to the same situations your customers may be in at the moment. Focus on your clients and build a better relationship with them. This article shows how the brand JanSport was able to use the situation, and how the public has been swept away by the app TikTok to run a campaign to raise awareness on COVID-19.

Try not to exploit what’s happening to sell your products and services or risk your clients looking at your business as opportunistic.

  • Avoid “fake news” and stories

Always verify your facts before posting on social media or sharing them with your clients. Become a reliable source of information for them for whatever they need to know from your industry, your locale, your government, or your business in general.

Also be very particular about the legal implications of what you may be sharing with your clients, such as employee’s medical information.

Check out an infographic from this article for a checklist on how you can keep your brand healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still not sure where to start on touching base with your clients during the pandemic? Our team here at Aepiphanni are ready to help you out. Fill out our form here and we’d be happy to schedule a Coffee & Consult session with you and get you started on your communication strategy during this crisis.

Micko Jocson is a writer at Aepiphanni, a Business Consultancy that provides Management Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services to business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to improve or expand operations. His focus leans more towards marketing communications, particularly with design, branding, and creating compelling content. He has worked with several start-ups and small businesses in the US, Australia, and the Philippines.

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