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As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” – King Solomon, 3rd King of Ancient Israel

Rick Meekins

Rick Meekins is the Managing Partner at Aepiphanni, a Business Consultancy, an Atlanta, GA based small business consultancy that provides Management Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services to business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to improve or expand operations.

Episode 13 | Building Communities and Tapping the Alumni Network with Rob Finkelstein

Being the former President of the South Florida Alumni Club, Rob Finkelstein knows a lot about building communities and networking. He helped to grow membership and create a passionate affinity for the Blue Hen community and on top of that, he’s an established business professional with over 30 years of management experience.

Rob learned the importance of developing innovative and creative solutions. He founded the Alumni Direct to connect university alumni to meaningful and rewarding experiences—with the ultimate goal to develop strategic partnerships to help benefit all those involved.

Listen more to his story in Off the Cuff’s 13th episode!


In this episode:

  • How Rob started developing innovative and creative solutions
  • What is Alumni Direct and how helps forge relationships and create communities
  • Building communities and opening opportunities for alumni
  • Alumni Direct’s relationship with the alumni organizations in universities
  • Seeing opportunities in the market and pushing past the challenges
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people


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