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One of the things that separates us from our competitors is that we don’t limit the possibilities.  We like to shake things up and do things differently; explore the possibilities.”

Your company may be at a point where it is facing a standstill. Things may have been going well for a while, but you are at the point where you want or need more!

…or, you are on the verge of launching a new product or a new business and need to expand your ability to deliver your service, or to add-on services.

…or you just need something new to offer. Competition is making margins thin, making cash-flow poor. You need some fresh, blue-sky thinking that will give you company fresh energy and welcome in a new era.

Forward-thinking small business owners like you seek out ways to advance their marketplace presence. You aren’t just competing with the business down the block; you could be competing on a global level. The question is: What are you going to do about it?

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Business Strategy

Small Business StrategyStrategic Planning typically answers two questions: where are you going and how will you get there.

Where you are going depends on a number options including: What opportunities exist? What threats could impact the business and how? What are my competitors doing? What gives us advantage over them? What resources do we have to invest? and what if things change?

How you get there includes the steps you will take, the resources you will require, the product development, increase of staff and a number of other things that if aren’t observed can sideline your company. Your company infrastructure must be able to support your company’s growth or your company will be out of business.

Our approach to Strategic Planning looks at the business from all sides, from understanding your employees and culture to what is happening in your industry and marketplace. We are looking for opportunities for you, perhaps some you hadn’t even thought of, to help you pursue the goals you have for your company.

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Operational Excellence


Have you ever wondered how to get your team from limping along to operating like a fine-tuned machine? Getting your team to work efficiently means that you are maximizing the use of your resources, minimizing waste and allowing you to reduce your costs in product delivery.  That means higher profits and more money in your pocket. That sounds like a win.

Operations Excellence is the practice of adopting or creating best practices for every area of your company so that it runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. This means that you will get the maximum value from every resource in your company. You will have systems and processes in place that you can review and re-adjust as new information or technologies are adopted. As you bring in more staff, you can be assured that there is consistency; there won’t be a “brain drain” every time someone leaves the firm. Instead, you will be building an ever-increasing base of knowledge.

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Innovation & Design

External change cannot be helped or controlled.  As a business leader, you want to think in terms of changing the right things – the things you have influence over – quickly and consistently, leveraging what you do well, getting rid of the things you don’t in order to maximize company resources to serve more clients or customers.  Because these are internal decisions, they are areas that can be rapidly changed in response to changes in the marketplace.

Incorporating design thinking into different areas of the business creates a culture of thinking that starts with an idea or a concept, then elevates and evolves it into something that truly meets the needs and interests of those who it will impact, whether internal or external to the organization.

There is no way around it: Innovation is the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. Doing the same thing every day the same way is the fastest way to making your company obsolete and out of business.

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Extraordinary Business

Take FlightYour company has reached what some might label as a success: you have a decent client base, regular growth, are in a position that allows you to make decisions about the next phase of your business. How do you do it? What meaningful impact can your company make?

We are right with you, understanding where you are, where you are going and how to get there. You are ready for the phase of business that we call the Extraordinary Business.

Building the Extraordinary Business puts your company on a solid foundation – agile, sustainable, socially responsible and a good steward of its resources.

It is more than systems and process engineering or strategic planning; it is a mindset that makes a positive impact on your organization’s culture. It creates a solitary vision for your company to be the best at what you do for all of your company’s stakeholders.

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Leadership Development


While the Company is growing, change is happening. Sometimes the change can be overwhelming. As an owner or entrepreneur, the new company is going to require that you lead it differently. You need to be a leader that people will follow.

We’ve been there. And we’ve led other business owners and entrepreneurs through it.  Our Extraordinary Leader Leadership Development Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs who need to change with their companies in order to be effective leaders.

We’ve also built the program to support your staff as they evolve from being doers or individual contributors to becoming effective managers and leaders of your growing staff. Developing leaders is the highest form of leadership and critical to continue the trajectory of growth of your company.

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The Aepiphanni Process

aepiphanni-process-6-11It’s our process that makes us different.

Having worked with hundreds of small businesses around the world, we have learned what it takes to create a successful engagement with our clients.

Like a person, every business develops at different speeds and will want to do different things in life, but regardless of who they are, they will all go through a similar process and have needs that they will face at each level of growth – from childhood to maturity.

The outcomes of the Aepiphanni Process is the implementation of a solution that we collaborate on to designed strictly for your business.

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