Change Management

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Because implementation can be challenging...

         ...additional hands, eyes and feet will double your efforts and double your results!

We've Got Your Back!!

Our team is composed of Growth Consultants who will look at the entire business and the effect of an implementation on the business rather than simply installing the solution and leaving you to fend for yourself. Our analysis will make sure that you have the right features, experiences, and support for your mission-critical solution.  We provide customized training and documentation, both for your team and those who will be training others who join your firm.

With our experience with large-scale, multi-company, multi-location implementations, our operational and business growth perspectives, our methodology and understanding of team cultures will give you the confidence of successful implementations.

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We believe that technology should be customized to the needs of the firm, rather than customizing the company to the technology.

We are not bound to any single tool - we will provide you with an objective approach and recommend your choice of the best solutions for your organization.

We can help you understand the true investment of any recommendations, including the short term and long term costs of the different options for your software solution and implementation.

We will provide you with customized training based on how your company uses the solution.

Our Approach to Technology

Managing Change

We understand business operations and systems integration. Before suggesting a solution, we get an understanding of how your company works and where it can truly benefit from a software implementation.

We understand Change Management.  We complete our clients' implementation projects as both a Change Management project and a technology project.

We understand the need for consideration of local cultures.  Different parts of your organization in different areas may approach the solution differently.

We provide customized training based on how your organization uses the software, not from a general training guide or knowledgebase.

Analysis - We will gather an understanding of how your business works and what processes can be automated

Aepiphanni - Based on what we understand about your business, your industry and your competitors, we will show you where opportunities exist for the way you do business now and potentially how you will want to do so in the future

Modeling - we will map out how the solution will work, who will touch what components, how security will be managed and how current solutions will be impacted.

Planning - we will map out a plan including required resources and timeline required for implementation, managing change and training.

Implementation and Training

Support - we can offer various support solutions for longterm maintenance, training, customizations and upgrades.

The Software Implementation Process

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