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Wake up, Sunshine…It’s a brand new day. Welcome to Blue Skies!

Blue Sky Thinking

Blue sky thinking is the idea that there are no limits to what is possible.  Consider that beyond what your eyes can see is the endless expanse of space.

That type of thinking is what we have adopted into our innovation and design practice.

It is the businesses that take innovation and design seriously that become leaders in the marketplace. Not just developing and marketing new products and services, but looking at every aspect of the business and finding ways to create strategic advantage.  You’ve seen companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC take products that seemed to be common and elevate them to create global demand, then continue to bring new products and new ways of thinking to the marketplace.

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses to walk them through the innovation and design processes, to find new ways to do business, to develop new products and services, to create unique ways of working with their clients and vendors and to manage the way they do business.  We call it Creating a culture of innovation in a workplace requires thinking, acting and being different than you’ve ever been.  And staying that way.

We’d love to share more about our practice with you. Explore the tabs below, or contact us to learn more.

Customer Innovation

“To catch the fish you want, you have to use the right bait.”

More than likely, your company isn’t the only one that is serving the customers you are serving. More than likely, you would like to serve more customers, perhaps just like those that you presently serve. Or perhaps, your interest is in serving a different group of customers, those being served my existing or new competitors.

Regardless of your reasoning, innovation in customer relationships could be what it takes for your company to capture the attention of your customer base. Whether in the way that your find your customers, how you provide or deliver products and services, your support services or how you manage your relationships, profit maximization for your company will come by discovering innovative ways to engage and keep your customers.

Our customer innovation practice evaluates the entire customer value chain, from your messaging through product delivery, support and relationship management to help you do everything possible to make your customers into raving fans.

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Business Model Innovation

The way we go to market is just as important as what we sell. Products and services that are deliver must be profitable and meet the needs and expectations of customers. This will include every area of your company, from sales and sales support to how and where you do your manufacturing to the way your product is delivered to how you provide additional support for your offerings. It may mean that you have more or fewer employees, that you provide your offering face to face or over the internet, whether your product has service components to it or the customer’s access to management and leadership.

Business Model Innovation puts the focus on finding different ways or a different combination of ways to design the business so that your company gains some advantage over your competitors. If you are in a highly competitive industry, this might look like finding ways to manufacture more efficiently, or ways to leverage the company’s unique capabilities. Focusing on blue sky thinking offers that your company’s goal will be to focus on what can be done differently and better.

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Product Innovation

Your products and services are the primary offering in the exchange of value between you and your customers. Since very little can be offered in secret, it is likely that your competitors are watching everything you do and will either copy it and offer it at a lower price or find a way to make their offering better.

Product innovation comes in two categories – completely new innovation or disruptive innovation or incremental innovation. Disruptive innovations are products and services that enable consumers to do things in a way that they have never done, such as the development of the mobile phone or tablet computer.

Incremental innovations often come from the voice of the customer and focus on enhancing the product or products that are currently being offered. An example might be the next generation of a computer operating system or additional offerings added to a service currently being offered.

To stay ahead of competitors, both types of innovation play a role in how successful your company can be. Learn more about how we can help your company with product innovation by contacting us or registering to join us for a complimentary Coffee & a Consult.

Process Innovation

Process innovation seeks out ways to do the things your company does every day in ways that will give your company advantage. Developing new processes can create efficiencies and cost reductions that would allow your company to increase cash flow and enjoy more profits or offer your product or service at a lower price than the market and sell more stuff.

Process innovation has advantage over product and business model innovation because it is often more difficult to reproduce. Processes can be done behind closed doors and can be done by different members of the organization to reduce the likelihood that your method gets out.

Like other forms of innovation, the goal is to give your company an advantage that will enable it to increase revenue and profits. If your company is ready to proceed to the next level, contact us or join us for a complimentary Coffee & a Consult to get started.

Priming for Innovation

Innovation typically doesn’t start around a board room. Innovation stems from ideas that can be generated anywhere by anyone in the organization, at any time. In order to capture all of those ideas that are being created around your company, you need to create an environment that helps move ideas through an innovation process and become live innovations your company will benefit from.

An Innovation Environment seeks to capture ideas from anywhere in the business, test them and develop them into innovations for your company that will give you your company advantage in the marketplace.

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