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Gaining the Loyalty of your Customers

How to earn customer loyalty?

They do not say without a reason that the customer is always right. No one beside them can know exactly what they have in mind and how they want their products or services to look or be like. However, what they do need help with is the following: they need to feel that they can put their trust in you and come back for more.

Sure, it is easy to find a new customer – you can find them by offering discounts and better one-time offers, but what is difficult is to retain them, and want them to need your service once more. Customer loyalty is not an unattainable level in a customer-seller relationship, and here is how you can gain it.

If you offer people a product, you want them to be happy about it and go and tell other people about it. This is called free marketing. For example, the article “the Book of Mac describes how Apple is famous for its happy customers spreading the word about their satisfaction with the product that the company practically does not need to move a finger to promote their services. But how do they achieve this?

Easily. They earn their trust.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your product is extraordinary. High quality service packed in a completely innovative approach of a buyer-centered business should be your goal. Nay, not a goal, but a prerogative.
  • Make your customers feel that you are truly listening to them. When something is wrong with the product, make sure to apologize and say that they are completely right, and that you are going to correct the mistake. And then really do it.
  • Exceed their expectations by never letting them down. For example, if the delivery requires five days, tell them that it will be done in seven days, so that you make sure they are surprised when it arrives in five days. This way, they will spread the positive word and you will be happy to have them come back to you later. With some friends along.
  • Rewarding their loyalty is also desirable. You can promise them to give a bigger discount if they bring a friend with them who also wants to purchase your goods or services. This way, not only are you profiting from their return, but getting a new customer at the same time. Or, develop a reward points system they can cash in the future.
  • Community manager can also help you to manage complaints coming from social networks. Your customers need to know that they are listened to, even during the weekend, even at 2 AM. Customer service never sleeps.

How to keep customers loyal?

Retaining customers is also difficult a task. Keeping their loyalty can be achieved only via personalized service – each customer should be rewarded with their own customer manager, who should communicate as politely as possible. One of the ways can be via personalized email addresses of the people who they are contacting, or via a phone operator (a service that should work 24/7).

Another way of retaining their loyalty is by making them feel secure about their money. Your clients need to feel safe when they give you their money. That can be easily done by using different payment methods such as an Escrow account, credit cards, or services like PayPal. Make sure your customers are well familiarized with the safety you ensure for them.

Remember to find balance between possible and impossible ways of satisfying your customers – try to turn as many impossible ways into possible ones and your customers will come running back to you.

Sonya Watts is a passionate business consultant from Melbourne, Australia with five-year experience. She has a wide range of interests, including online writing, technology trends and marketing in general and likes to share her own experiences in those fields.

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