How To Find Strategic Leaders In Your Organization

How To Find Strategic Leaders In Your Organization

Did you know that many companies have strong operational capabilities, but lack management that has the ability to truly solve problems? This was proven by a 2015 PwC study which revealed that only 8% of the study’s respondents are effective in leading strategic organizational transformation.

This shows how having strategic leaders in every company is a must in today’s world. However, getting to the point having the skill and the experience that can qualify one to become a strategic leader takes time and practice. Here’s a few principles of strategic leadership from Strategy + Business that can help your company start developing these types of leaders:

Delegate and distribute

To start identifying strategic leaders within your company, you need to give people some autonomy. That autonomy helps them begin developing their strategic leadership skills because such ability can only be honed through experience.

Solutions to company problems also cannot be brainstormed and pinpointed by one person (the head of the company). Passing down responsibility to these potential strategic leaders can help increase collective intelligence.

Be open to failure

No action or decision taken should be considered a total failure because in the end, it is always a learning experience. The same belief can be applied when trying to pinpoint and develop strategic leaders in your organization.

Failing fast can feel like a quicker way towards a roadblock, but the result can be the contrary. By failing quicker, the faster you can learn and implement these lessons, the sooner you can reach success.

Accept failure for what it is: An idea that didn’t work out, but also a signal that you can move on to the next possible solution fast.

Open opportunities to test ideas

Strategic leadership can only be harnessed if given the opportunity to do so. Some of your team members may have an idea or a solution in mind, but their position, schedule or current work load may be stifling them from exploring or even suggesting these ideas.

Create channels that will help employees explore then innovative solutions. Apprenticeship programs, mentorships, courses and training sessions are just a few things you can implement to get started. You may even be surprised at how much value the ideas of these potential strategic leaders can bring to your organization.

Give the team access to other strategists

Some companies hire advisors to guide CEOs on the next best course of action. However, instead of keeping these sessions within the management team, why not invite employees who have the potential to eventually lead into some of the meetings? Additionally, providing them access to advisors can help them broaden their own minds when they witness these strategists come up with solutions.

On the other hand, you can also provide more opportunities for teams to work together. There is a possibility that potential strategists would be able to find and work with someone who has the same capabilities as they do, and it can be a good learning experience for both parties.

To find strategic leaders in your organization, you need to give them the avenue and opportunity to develop their capabilities. Use the steps mentioned above as a starting point so you can reach organizational success more effectively.

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