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The hiring process is stressful, any business leader will tell you. It’s not simply finding candidates with the right education and experience, they have to fit into your present ‘family’ of employees smoothly. Adding new employees to your workforce is tricky and requires more time than just about any aspect of operating a business.

The time and expense to train new employees is equivalent to roughly a week’s salary for every person, then continued training is expensive as well. Some employers flinch at taking a full week or more to integrate a new employee. Instead they try to shorten training time and expect new hires to learn the job ‘by the seat of their pants.’ But is it really cost-effective in the long run to skimp on initial employee training, not to mention continued education and training to keep staff up to date on new methods and effective technologies?

In the following article by Caroline Duncan, writer for, she discusses the pros and cons of extending employee training programs. The new employee’s ability to blend into the workplace, increasing productivity, and the retention rates /return on investment per hire all are affected by the time spent training and educating each person both at the beginning and throughout their employment.

Take a look at the article, see how you can improve your experience throughout the hiring process and with current employees. ‘Prevention is the best medicine’ and grooming your new hires and staff with the education and tools they need is an excellent prevention in loss of revenue, staff, and the stress that comes with it.


Beth Bowling is the Community Manager at Aepiphanni, the trusted advisor for business leaders who are seeking forward-thinking solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth. She periodically writes about effective management of small and medium businesses.

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