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Every company is different and exists in different phases of development.

Not every company has the same starting point.

Not every company seeks the same endpoint.

But every company deserves to have a logical creative process to address their unique concerns that result in a sustainable solution for their company. Using a process to arrive at this solution ensures that we have a tried and tested methodology that ensures that we don't leave any rock unturned, and is a basis for quality and improvement in every engagement.

For any project to be successful, in addition to having a clear vision of what to expect, there are both rules of engagement and a commitment to excellence that guide the engagement.  These principles guide us from the Coffee & a Consult, delivery of the proposal and contracting, onboarding, project engagement, completion and feedback.

What to Expect

How We Engage Together

We are committed to making our presence felt...ALWAYS.

We are creative and never run out of ways to communicate. You will have the option of meeting virtually, on the phone, in person or a combination of all these communication tools.  We go for the best fit for your engagement

It is our goal to take the cost of travel for long-distance engagements out of the equation. So you'll get the option for the same level of service whether around the corner or around the country.

Our scientific & unique kind of collaboration

In order to provide your firm with the highest level of service, we take all of our clients through a collaborative process that supports the development of strategic and innovative approaches to identifying and solving business issues.

Beginning with an internal and external audit of the environment, followed by a collaborative problem and solution development series, testing, planning and implementation, we can often provide our clients with differentiating, sustainable solutions that will provide a platform for both sustainability and growth.

The Aepiphanni Process

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