IT and the Small Business that Could

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When you are a small business, it is hard to get your head around some of the new technologies coming around the corner.  You’ve got the obligatory cell phone and the ubiquitous office PC’s and maybe some type of laptop computer.  You’ve heard horror stories of losing data, security flaws and frankly contradictory information.  clip_image002Sometimes, it simply comes down to, “What’s the point?”

I think that many IT pros will say, “yes, it will make your life better,” while other business owners will tell you, “it’s easier to do it on pen and paper.  The computer is always breaking down.”

Well, both of these are true.  More than likely, your computer will allow you to do all kinds of things much faster, and in a bigger way.  The mere fact you can read this article is a testament to that.

However, like anything else, you’ve got to maintain your system, be it you laptop, your server, your smart phone or your email systems.  There is no reason to expect that these things won’t break down.  It would be quite unwise to not have a plan for when the systems do break down.

What it comes down to is simple: if you are not an IT pro, you’ll want to work with two people: 1- a management consultant like myself who will help you evaluate your entire business and strategies to help you choose the best technologies for your organization, and 2 – an IT consultant who can work with you to make your final decision, with the goal of getting the best solution for your organization, help you learn how to use the system and help you choose a maintenance program that makes sense.

In most cases, there is no need to over-purchase your IT solutions.  If you are a small business, you are probably not going to be the best candidate for SAP, a blade server system and a full-time tech person.  Your consultants should help you make the best decision.

Can you afford to hire two consultants?  Is it worth it?  Well, would it be worth wasting 10,000 on IT that is wrong for your organization that you cannot use?

Trust the professionals.  Welcome to the 21st Century.

“The man who does things makes mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all-doing nothing. ” ~Benjamin Franklin


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